May 21st, 2002


Morning Lj.

Look! there's that freaky thing on the side of my forehead again... I never noticed it before I started taking these pictures...

So that "acid" taste in the back of my throat is gone... now it's all about my throat, but I'm going to work like a dip ... but mostly cause I need to figure out what's happening this week with work and how much I'm going to have to do - sick or no. If it gets worse today, I'll stay in bed tomorrow. We'll see... I kinda have to be on my death bed to actually stay in bed for a day.

~ gray ftls
~ kinda groovy new sox
~ pale green / beige dress pants
~ the nip shirt... micro fibers, unstoppable power!
~ fav v-neck txt sweater
~ well I dunno... I have a sneaking suspicion that work is going to take a turn for the busy ... this usually happens when I start getting into pet projects... hence pet projects never get done.
~ the werk-cam will be on...
~ to send calming vibes to that volcano in Mexico... it's about 550 kms outside of Mexico city and had been inactive for 200 years before 1998... it's looking like an evil blow is in the works... or so says a newspaper story... and that could mean some serious air problems for Mexico...

Sooo... survivor is all done. There were a lotta laughs between z and I watching that series (many of which ended up in the updates! - thanks Z). I still cannot believe that Vecepia won this game... what a burn. Of course, I've consistently said that after every winner was announced for any of the survivor series. Stupid game!
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    "and I didn't mention jack once!!"


so a coworker dude... a good lil'scottsman... gifted me with fresh box o'starbucks crack!

ps. there are now 5 servers in this little office with me... it's getting hot. :(

pps. another coworker just came in and started feeding me a string of really good jokes... I vowed at the outset to remain stone face... drove him nutz... he just sulked away, dejected and calling me a "tough audience"... lol.

A Birthday note....

Happy Birthday Nicci-Galebird

Back a few days... May 16, to be exact... it was Nic's 24th birthday. (That's galebird btw.)

(but she took off for the Land of Mickey and kinda missed her Lj birthday)

It seems like a lifetime ago that I had the very good fortune to somehow run into this young woman. We became lj friends... and you know... that's how it goes. You get to know one another a little.

This time, though, it was a little different. Here was a young woman who's life was - to me - ripped from the reels of a 1950's black and white romance movie. It feels as though she was just a little girl then and now... so very much a woman. It's as though I have had the chance to watch a chrysalis open and bring out a whole other person.

She seemed so shy and demure... running in small circles of frustration with the cards life kept dealing to her... family, work, home. There is no big surprise ending in her story ... at least not yet. The writing however, seems very much to be on the wall. I hope with all of my heart that I will be fortunate enough to be a friend to Nicole for years to come and see how life bends around this small piece of the sun.

Nicole, I will never be able to thank you enough for the energy and compassion you spared to my life in the middle of the lainni thing and your very astute role in the conclusion of that crazy circumstance.

It is my most sincere wish that your 24th year brings you opportunity, compassion, and a greater freedom to be the woman that I can so clearly see trying to leap onto the stage of life. Peace in your heart sweet galebird and may love fill your life.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Late Birthday to you... Happy Late Birthday dear Nicole, Happy Birthday to you.

yeah... ok

So my sister is leaving in a couple of days... going back to scotland where her studio and flat is... the plan is for her to close things down and bring it all back to Canada... Now remember, this is the girl that went to Scotland for a little visit and stayed for 15 years... so anything is possible.

She is under strict freaking orders to - this time remember - to take a picture of the guy in the studio next to hers at the gallery... his name is Eddy Farrel... er... he's Shriley Mansons Hubby-Man. :)

Ok... this day is over!!! I'm going home and try to take it easy tonight...

I hope your day winds down nicely...and my heart is in my hands as I hope for only good news to sneak up on topazgrrl.