May 20th, 2002



So somebody with way more cash than is reasonable was born today so all canadians get to jag back and relax for the day... It's a national day of slovenly behavior and lazy asses... er, unless you own a yard... then it's a day of grass cutting and poking at dandelions... :)

~ a bit of a sleepy head...
~ weekend sweats...
~ little goopy things in the corners of my eyes... (yuck)
~ well those eye goopy things are going... that's for sure...
~ writing the final Survivor Update for Season 4
~ well, wishing I was totally healthy... that'd be a peach....
~ I had the next two weeks off work so I could just chill... (but that is sooooo not gonna happen)

I didn't get to watch X-Files last night... we were both so passing out after Survivor... So we'll watch that tonight. :) I enjoyed Survivor although I enjoyed it in a purely "oh my god I love to hate you" kind of a way... there was nothing good about the outcome of this series... other than all the material with which to diss these people... :(

Any ways... I'll see ya later... I'm heading for the sofa to rest my stuffed up head... :D

Suvivor IV Final Update!!

Survivor IV : The Final Update

Survivor or Savior?

Wherein the ultimate survivor is crowned after the "Rocks Have Spoken". The "dirty with religious fervor undeserving" walk with the prizes and that - only after a barrage of sanctimonious backstabbing. As has consistently been the case, the least deserving win, the most deserving are burned and we all end up shaking our collective heads.

Note: I'm bashing organized religion in here, so pass it by if you're likely to end up in a tizzy.

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hody head code bad-mad... my eyes feel like they're being pushed out from the inside... yikes!

Random thought...

gardening tip: Squirles like to nip the tops off tulips because they're after a drink of water from the stem... put out an inverted frisby with water in it by the garden and your tulips will remain unmolested!! :D