May 17th, 2002


Morn'en Lj

Finally got to watch West Wing last night... sheeesh I love that show.

I guess I went to bed too late but I've been doing pretty good this week so ... maybe my body is retaining sleep... 'cause I feel great!!

~ it's Friday!! pic... Black...
~ blue jeans, red T and a denim top!
~ to be picked up by a coworker in about 15 minutes and spend most of the day at a vendors offices on training...
~ writing a survivor update on the down time... :D
~ the very best of the day for my friend ladonne!!!
~ I had more time to write a better "good morning" post... but times short... see ya! :D

Happy Wedding Day Ladonne!


well finally...

Back from training...
music is plugged in .. .
luker sitting behind me and a billion email messages to get through...
an-den... an-den? try desperately to see what's up in the land of my friends...
oh, and a couple of very special b-day messages... hmmm...

see ya ...


gezzzus h hockey sticks... I'm gonna float away if I don't go for a piss... oh wait.... um... I guess I could just go for a piss...ok, so never mind.

LJ Birthday Baby

Happy Birthday Kimberly

Kim is an ex-Toronto girl that, along with her remarkable hubby-man, dove across the border to North Carolina... hmmm... Now where have I had to think about Carolina and Toronto lately??? oh yeah... Go Carolina!! :D

There are a handful of people in lj that really seem to just fall directly into my heart and there is no question that Kim is one of them... such a warm hearted, smart and adorable woman... I am truly blessed to have her in my life... she has been... is being a wonderful friend to both babyfatz and I.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday Kim... hell, I hope you have a wonderful year... May you find the places in your heart that your friends, Keith, and Avery fill up always warm and welcoming. Sugar? you are so completely "all that and a bag of chips".

Happy Birthday sugar... and I'm singing to you too! (and it's a wav file 'cause my mp3 encoder messed up!)

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Kim, Happy Birthday to you.
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Ok... so today was killer busy... got lots of "work" done... and I guess that's what they pay me for... wohoo... but still, I'm behind on some stuff I want to do for ME!!! ME ME ME ME... who me? self centered... hmmm... depends who you talk to.

Love and smooooches.

Survivor IV Update!!

Survivor IV : Update

Stupid Talks, Bullshit Walks.

Wherein we are treated to an hour of the most amazingly stupid people on earth and we get to watch an old guy die. . . over and over again. Oh, and there's a little "end game" plot action too.

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more b-days...

Happy Birthday Gina

Do you realize how long we have known one another... well, in that "journal land" kinda "know"...

Here was my b-day wish for you last year!

It's sundance's birthday again!! :D

I am so happy that this year brought you so much happiness. No really! It's just fanfreak'en-tastic.

Now that you have shaken up your life I want to give you the very warmest wishes for this next year. I hope you have a wonderful year and enjoy life. You deserve the happiness you can pull from this next year. peace out super girl...

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dearest Gina... Happy Birthday to you.