May 15th, 2002


morn'en lj.

So I'd be saying "finally" for the release from the tension of hockey. . . (honestly, how do super fans find the time) except that the next series has sorta become a metaphor for a precious journal friends life. . . the new, expansion Carolina team versus the long established pucksters* back in Toronto. I think I'm gonna have to be hoping for the new guys. . .

~ gray ftls
~ black(?) treacle brushed cotton jeans. . .
~ white company logo t and the big big (kinda dumb long sleeve) sweater. . .
~ er. . . well, West Wing tonight. . .
~ client visit this afternoon, again. . .
~ a great deal of writing today. . .
~ to make a few really special birthday wishes today. . .
~ a correction from yesterday. . . my buddy ladonne is getting married on Friday!!! three more days till she's hitched. :D
~ that my favorite ON AIR TALENT. . . er. . . radio diva, nbbmom gets over this cold. . . like a busy girl like her has time for something like that!
~ for some kind of peace to wrap around my friend moonmama Sophie, I wish I knew what was up but no matter what it is, you should know that I care about you the way I do no matter what. . .

You know, if you're trying to change something about yourself. . .
call it improve, whatever. . .
for any reason other than a personal will or desire. . ..
you know it's temporary and probably doomed right?
I love you just the way you are.
And I will love you the way you will be.

* yeah ok, so I made up another word. . . sue me.


"Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you
By now you shoulda somehow realized what you gotta do
I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now"

oasis - wonderwall


What is it about a man wanting to wear a skirt that drives him to stuff a cat in a bag and squeeze it until all who are within ear shot must endure the sounds of that cats sad torture.
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    fucking bag pipes make me puke!

yikes... Late Birthday or what?

Happy Late Birthday Kelli!!!

simplyenchanted turned 21 the other day (ok, maybe not 21) and I was feeling remarkably lazy! But I just could not let this one go by...

Kelli has been a wonderful friend in journal land and is certainly someone I hope the world conspires to let me stay friends with for a long time yet to come. In fact, I decided to (*gasp*) sing to her for her birthday... so if you want to embarrass yourself by listening... well go right ahead... 'cause I'm singing to kelli right here.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Kelli and I do hope this next year brings you great happiness and success in your personal goals... :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Later Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Kelli... Happy Birthday to you.


Left for soup... came back with rice and pork... but I finally got something in the mail for Brianna (Winnipeg bound!!).

Now I'm full but extra crispy busy... must finish project doc... must finish...
oh, wait... now it's a "must get coffee" time...

(ps. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP... oh my god starpucks makes good crack!)

Lj Birthday Baby...

Happy Birthday Elysa

Sometimes people just seem to rub off with a warm fuzzy feeling that lets you know they're real, they're kind... and they are genuine. I'm a million miles away from being an excellent judge of character but I am more than confident in the wonder of having a friend like Elysa (and it doesn't hurt that her name is Elysa... the only Elysa I know in the world).

Have a wonderful birthday sugar and I home you are able to capture all the chances for acting your heart out you can handle this year.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Elysa, Happy Birthday to you...