May 10th, 2002



Thanks so much for the feedback on that post... wowzers... a lot to think about...

I can't even finish reading all of them tonight. No seriously, I'm really impressed with how much thought went into this... not that I expect less of my friends here.

I like this kind of thing, because it makes me think and sometimes, rethink, how some of my values get laid out... again, thank you.

ps... GO VOTE for #10!!!! Do it now! :D ~ silly grin.

g'night lj.


It's several shades of wow outside today... sunny, a little windy, puffy cottom ball clouds.

~ friday... oh yea... black, (pick pick) and lov'en it.
~ blue jeans, 3WV T-shirt and the company denim shirt.
~ well, it's corto werk-cam every day now... unless I'm on a client site...
~ writing a survivor update...
~ several report clean ups...
~ to say thanks for all the feedback last night... I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it this morning.

k... it's busy time... see ya.


Anyone ever notice that the admin console process for removing friends that have deleted has basically stopped working... the console is still there but when you "friend remove username" it doesn't actually do it...


Note: fyi... if I delete my journal I can still log in. You cannot, from your journal update application, see my name anymore... 'cause I deleted. However, my name would still be in the database of users you have given "friend" status to... so even though you think I'm gone I could still log in and see your entries.

ps. I have no intention of deleting... :D


ok... has food... feels a tonne better... :)

sometimes... dumb shit is just dumb.

been busy today re-learing how to count...
you know... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... 10.


Survivor 4 Update!!

Survivor IV : Update

The Seventh Inning Stretch

Wherein weary hearts are trotted out for our collective sighs and loved ones are plucked from their comfy lives and made to come to the heart of French Polynesia so Jeff can torture the kids in the game. . . Just way way too much hugging and crying going on tonight.

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well then...

a long week.
a short sleep.

Ed has some kind of a bug... I've changed him and washed up the mess once an hour... very smelly! (yikes). He's a bit feverish too... I'm sorta going to bed, but I'm waiting for his next round and I'll see if I can get him to drink some water.

He's a pretty resilient little guy ... I suspect he'll be good tomorrow. (knocking on all the wood in site!!). Speaking of tomorrow... spider man at dinner hour and then dinner... kids are going to be sat upon by my folks. :D

Today was an odd day. but I'm putting this one behind me... and enjoying hockey. I'll bet there'll be plenty of talk about the check and subsequent goal by Ottawa tonight... of course, if the other team did it... I'd hear... "hey, it's hockey." Now the Olympics... there was nice hockey... but what do I know. I'm an amateur fan, and I know it... It'll be fun if the senators move on to the next round. :D

Any ways... see ya tomorrow.