May 9th, 2002


yeah... an then what?

I need something... dunno what, but I've a slow burn going on inside. Thursday mornings, waking up late, yadda yadda yadda ... doesn't help. Send me a smile today... I bet that'd help. :D

~ gray ftls
~ it's a swish swish day. (dk charcoal, very noisy cargos)
~ dk blue T that you'll never see, 'cause it's under a
~ giant turtle neck sweater.
~ it's a Survivor Night!
~ gotta go to a partner presentation on SANs this morning.
~ a short report required this afternoon...
~ to work my way through some angst that's grabbed me this morning.
~ I had more that this one ratty kleenex... I'm having an allergy sneak attack.
~ that some great vibes crawl up Kimberly90210's** pant legs and tickle her till she's shrieking... yeah, ok... so that won't happen and besides, "shrieking" is such a strong word... She's just such a great friend lately that my heart aches to make her smile...
~ my bus driver (same guy!) would be found tied to a chair in his own attick with a plastic bag over his head, partly sucked into his mouth with a frozen look of terror etched into his lifeless face, cum Black Christmas... he's such a pain in the ass. ("... the call came from in the house... get out of the house... get out of the house...")
~ that today, for no special reason, is a fantastic day for my friend lizvang... do you know her? she's a girl with a heart of gold and such an amazingly beautiful smile that, well she melts me...

** ok, I know her name is not Kimberly90210, (it's kimberly27616) but neither z or I can seem to remember the numbers that come after her name, but I know it's a zip code, so z started with the 90210 (another zip code) and it's just sticking)


I'm sure if you care, you're already there... but on the off chance that you've let it slip your mind;

Survivor is on (EST) in 10 minutes... :D


There's so many possible angst ridden, social statements that are possible on this subject... but just for a moment... purely because it's fun to WIN WIN WIN... click the banner and go vote for #10. We (adrienned's friends) have carried this girl (stephany) way way into the final rounds... but it's not looking good.

Go vote... :D


the keys...

Do you give the keys to your journal to your SO?

I had the very unfortunate experience to bear witness to something distasteful last week in journal land.

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