May 7th, 2002


morn'en lj

One of my friends commented last night that Ottawa had to win the Hockey game by cheating? I know I don't really know squat about hockey... I cannot for the life of me explain "Off side" and when ever I think I understand "icing" I call it and then nothing happens... so I'm getting that wrong too... but honestly, was there something about the game I didn't get last night - to motivate that cheating comment (or were those just sour grapes?)

Oh ... ohohoh... ladyfire Repeat after me... Nyttårstale ** That's the royal house of Norway... King Harald and his primary bunny, Queen Sonja are coming to Canadathis week. Did you know that something like 3000 Norwegian pilots trained for battle in a little town between Ottawa and Toronto, forever ago? Exciting huh... :D

~ black ftls
~ new cotton cargos... well, they were new a couple of weeks ago...
~ white cotton T (company logo)
~ my fav TXT v-neck sweater...
~ to write a report on the client meeting yesterday
~ to light out of here at 11:30 and get home (I brought the car in today) so I can take Geo to the eye doctor... Z is a "parent volunteer" on a frield trip the NCC Experimental Farm with Ed today...
~ I'm fucking discusted with myself over how nuts I'm getting with trying to make a problem with the new video camera go away.... I've been burning kill amounts of time running around in circles... I plan to dive deeply into online resources to find out what-the-fuck is wrong... grrrrrrr (I cant get the recorded footage on the camera to stream into the software applications that are supposed to suck video via the firewire port into the pc. See I can get the real-time video to capture and AND it worked before... using the same software... so I've gone and changed something but I can't figure out what... grrrr.

So listen, an exceptional woman is prol'y facing a bucket of angst right now... and I've not been able to get her off my mind since I read her last journal entry... Deb (nordicgrrl) got laid off work in what looks like a big surprise yesterday ... at the end of the day.. Now, they (the company) did everything right... you do lay-off's on a Monday (in theory, this way the now ex-employee will hit the street and try for a recovery asap versus a Friday layoff which leads to a weekend of overindulgence and misery) and they did it at the end of the day... (which they're also supposed to do... something about reducing the chances that the employee will come back that same day and start offing managers) Well that's all well and good... 'cause you know, Deb is likely to spend the weekend drunk and disorderly... let alone Uzzi up the office... sheesh. Sugar-Snaps, my heart goes out to you and your family in dealing with this wee shocker... and, while it's cold comfort, there is no denying that change is good. You are a smart and remarkable woman... this will lead to something wonderful. I hope you guys are ok.

ps. I had a "Jacks idiotic little brother" moment last night... while I was busy being frustrated at a software app (the video thing again) I spilled a mug of coffee across my desk... I prefer to keep my desk clean, so basically there was no stopping it... it flowed across the desk and poured onto my computer!!!! Had a quick shut down and Z and I cleaned it all up... what a pain in the ass.

k.. later skaters...

** edit: that's supposed to be this great word that refuses to show it's special characters... how do I set my "encoding"??