May 3rd, 2002


yeah... hi!

HA! Yea, so Ottawa went to Toronto to play hockey last night... turns out they only had a chance to play a practice!!! and you know... you always win a practice. Although I think I saw Darcy bounce of something.

Oh and speaking of SEX... headline news today in the local paper... Justin Tumbleweed apparently blabbed to some stranger on a plane that he banged Brattney "some time ago". hahahaha... well it's official... she a hoe! Heck, she can attend UVA now.

~ yo! Friday... pic pic ... white, tight and comfy...
~ it's all about denim, blue jeans, 3WV T-shirt (see the picture?) and a denim shirt.
~ big ass shoes!!
~ corto werk-cam... all day, looking goofy...
~ writing a Survivor update,
~ yea, I blew off part of the time sheet thing... so there's that.
~ a bunch of move stuff...
~ to point out that I am very much a fan of this girl... carrieann you rock! :D
~ for the really really big blow job that nbbmom is giving her entire house pays off... er... I mean, we're talking fans blowing... no no, not "fans" but fans... you know that spin and blow air around... to dry out her house... sheesh that was hard.
~ that today's lil'event goes well for my friend luscious_babe....
~ to make a big deal out of saying how much I care about my friend lianna, who has been a friend in lj since, um... the first month of my experience here and I know in my heart without any question that if journal vanished today... my effort and desire for her friendship would carry on until the end of my days.
~ I have no idea how I got away with that Toronto dig yesterday in my morning post... unless living in Toronto means you have to filter me out... ;) but more on that later.

ooooo... my spidey senses are tingling....
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A little late...

Happy Late Birthday khisanth

Holy moly... k, I checked the birthday page last night and I see that I've been very bad.... maybe we can work out some kind of appropriate punishment??

It was this darl'en girls b-day like four days ago.... geeez I so sorry I missed that, because she really has been a good friend and never fails to warm my heart with her words.

I do hope this is a good year for you sweets... health, wealth and happiness, just so long as the "happiness" part includes plenty of good good love'en.

Happy Late Birthday to you... Happy Late Birthday to you... Happy Late Birthday dear Melody, Happy Late Birthday to you!


K... today i've read an IM that asked me;

Wanna suck on my candy?

... and received a text message that called "Mr. Man"...

today is sooooo a friday!


That was nice.


now? I'm freezing! but I have a new cup of coffee and about an hours work to do before I can jet home to take care of my still-not-out-of-her-cold zebra and the boiz... :D

(pssst... damn I'm in a good mood today! :D)

Survivor 4 Update!!

Survivor IV : Update

The Visa Episode

Wherein we are treated to an old man kicken kid butt and a stick figure girl sews the seeds of her own downfall. Voodoo boy shows a few colors and unavoidably climbs out of his shell, and stuffs his face into the only clean hair - well, it was clean - for freak'en miles. Oh, and can you say "black power"?

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Oh blech.. I'm freak'en exhausted... We just finished the rituals... things are fairly organized around the house and I am ready for bed... so instead... I think I'll stay up another 4 - 5 hours... then ... get up early... please please... come to ottawa... and kill me... :)

Hey... I rented this really hot anal sex porn movie... "chocolat" ... or at least it sounds like an anal-sex porn... we'll see... we'll watch it tomorrow. I also rented "Mulholland dr." ... I have a feeling this is gonna be lesbian porn... so basically... it's all porn.

Man I'm tired... I think I'll go make coffee, wait for it to brew (our Bunn coffee maker makes a pot in about 3 minutes flat) and catch up real quick with friends pages ... be back soon...

ps. Today was a really fantastic day... essentially - other than for a brief frustrating day earlier this week... it's been a pretty good week. (yea!)