May 2nd, 2002



So, this is way "yesterday's news" - um, literally... but that high school underwear fiasco thing... I remember being treated to several pictures, posted by lj friends, to explain how a teacher could tell a girl was wearing a thong without yanking down her pants (the whole high rise hip strap thing) last year when there was a wire service story about a HS in some US State that banned students from wearing thongs. My observation was to wonder who drew the short straw in the teachers lounge to be the door monitor on this issue. Well, for all that joking about, here comes a freaken psycho story of teachers gone mad... MAD I tell you... actually forcing girls (at the entrance to a HS dance) to hike their skirts, and open their shirts to prove there is no thong and is indeed a bra... Can you just imagine how fucked up those people are to reach the conclusion that this was a good idea?

~ green haines bb's
~ it's a swish swish day... noisy dk charcoal cargos
~ big turtle neck
~ more packing at the office...
~ oh yeah... time sheets... hmmm.... (hate time sheets when my numbers suck)
~ It's a Survivor night!!
~ being late for work...
~ for good things to be going on with my lil'mexican chaqueta... ly
~ for my friends in Toronto to be well and peaceful, even though their beloved leafs will have to be so soundly embarrassed in their pending defeat at the hands of such a significantly superior team.
~ I could see a picture of Amy's (jaggedpill) hair cut... Gee, maybe one of her friends has a brand new digital camera?
~ hey... I wanted to send a good vibe out to a special friend ... something with the hope for things to go well for her when the family gets together this friday... yo, stephy_banana... I do hope so, you know... and I'll bet you will draw a great deal of strength from David as you watch the stories unfold. peace out you.

k, gotta split... it's 9:15 and the bus is finally downtown. :D
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oh my goodness...

I saw and clicked a link in nakedfairy's journal.... oh my word, I was just stunned at the beautiful images that filled my screen... are you a dad? hell, are you alive? you just want to click into this woman's journal... satirical and when you're there... check her web site...

It is a lot of very artistically beautiful images of pregnancy... i am well and truly impressed from my nose to ma toes...

This a must check... wow.

It's time to send a little wish

A friend... ly... Lydia is down in Mexico right this second praying her little heart out that Sebastian, her youngest nephew is ok... There was a terrible accident with him falling in a pool and we're all a'waiting on news from the hospital.

light a candle, say a little prayer... hope, in all her forms, can only help and our collective spirits are a fountain of hope.

Good luck sebastian...
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I still need a usenet host...

I want to troll newsgroup fan sites and while I can do it on things like google... or deja... they drive me nutz. I want to use something like NewsBinPro but I need a news host to source material from.

Any suggestions?


I'm late... gotta fly... madly printing out reems of paper from an afternoon of friends pages posts... and flying to the busssss... later skaters...

That whole High School Under ware thing...

After reading the thread that grew under my morning post with the cracks about the panty raiding teaches in San Diego... I am somewhat surprised at the attitudes people are expressing... the idea that this is all a contemporary problem hitherto unheard of in the annals of scholastic history...

(and I'm not trying to pick on anyone that replied... every one is entitled to their opinion... and I want to be really clear on this... If you are willing to say it out loud, in my journal, and I don't find it personally offensive... I will defend your right to say it and support our friendship and dialogue... no problem)

However, that being said:

Give Me A Break!!!

... at the risk of losing myself to this issue, let me say that kids behavior is at once learned (therefore they're seeing older kids or adults doing it) and acting out rebellion.

The more you tell 'em not to dance... the more they will work towards being footloose.

Girls showing a boob? Girls showing their ass... hmmm... when I was in High School... er.. 25 years ago, it was called "chucking a star" (the tit bit) and "chucking a moon" was all the rage... In fact people were streaking across football fields at High School games.

What makes people think the generation behind them was any different then themselves or the one before them?

No we didn't all do pills (ecstasy) ... but a lot of 'em did acid, Quaaludes, hash, pot... and before my generation? Oh, they all got so hammered drunk that death by car was somewhat more prevalent...

A bunch of kids in HS acting like sexually charged adults... gosh... how could this happen.

Any sentence that starts with "Kids today..." had better be a joke 'cause if it's not, it's misguided.