April 29th, 2002


nighti night.

well that's a wrap... and not a sammich wrap!

It's a freak'en winter wonderland out there tonight... I just don't get it... My friend sylph put it well when she asked "who broke the fucking planet"... and it's supposed to be 15 tomorrow... that's 15 in canadian which means, it's all gonna melt right quick and flood the crap out of the already "over it's banks" Ottawa river. yikes.

I really need to keep up with who's dropping me when... maybe I'd get a handle on what it is they dump me for... a new bucket of blue lines makes me think I might have ruffeled the hair do's of a few with my depraved day post... and to you that add me one week, with big talk about why, then drop me the next week... I say "yea, whatever. It's you're journal, do what ya like." Just lose the big talk.

All in all I'm happy with the laughing, loving, learning and friendship that has marked this weekend.

Now it's time for bed and I fully intend to carry this good vibe to work... even though work has been kicking my ass lately. :)

see you in the morning, and thanks for being here in this giant living novel with me... I just love this place.


k, no paper on my door step this morning... this really oughtta be a hangin offense!

~ black ftls
~ new cargos... kinda khaki but more pale blue/green...
~ gray T
~ p-z v-neck sweater...
~ big-ass shoes... (it's still all snowy out... and I refuse to get my boots back out!!)
~ I have some serious crap to dig through at work today... I have to get myself and another guy on a training course for stuff they're already selling us as experts in... hahaha... ok, well we are but there's a few loose ends...
~ to take extra care of z... she's reporting a sore throat and this is a definite no-no...
~ if I can... catch up on some journals... and continue the remaking of my journal pages (in prep for a rebuild of my web site...)
~ to catch up on some b-day wishes...
~ I had some idea why apache refuses to let a virtual domain resolve...
~ to say thanks a big-giant bunch to my friends that gave such fun feedback to the depraved day-in-my-life thing... we had a lot fun with that this weekend... a real team sport (!!) and the laughing makes it worth while. :)


Happy (late) Birthday

(*and yea, this was the one I messed up a while ago... what a dork!)

Happy (late) Birthday adrienned

K... there's a lot say here but I'll stick to the point... There is always so much more to lj'ers than meets the eye via a journal page and Adrienne is a prime example of this.

Every pour of my body is jealous of those that have had the chance to meet this woman in person... but I am counting myself lucky to have connected a little with her beyond the pages of her journal. A loving woman and caring partner, a smarty-pants!! and a woman possessed with an unrelenting capacity to enjoy life. How freak'en great is that....

I hope so very much that you enjoyed your b-day (with Jack! lol) and that this year brings you great happiness and continues the understanding you have in your relationship.

I'm sorry this didn't get out before your b-day but I'm thinking maybe you were busy on the weekend any ways!! :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear marmal-aide!, Happy Birthday to you!

more birthday toasts...

Happy Birthday ectv

If you try hard enough you can overcome any insecurity… just ask Shan! Happy Birthday to a warm and wonderful young woman. A constant source of surprise and a beauty… what a bowl of sugar…

I'm so happy you and the main squeeze have wrapped up a ball of good karma to share… you seem so happy with this man!!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and, more than anything else, I hope you find an employer that doen't mess you over like the last few. :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Shann, Happy Birthday to you!

Lj Birthday Boy...

Happy Birthday Michael!! radiskull

Hey yo! Happy Birthday camera man... I still say "radical skull" in my head when I see your name.

Oh the stories... can you imagine working security and collecting the moments of peoples lives in your heart that would come to you in that role? You have to be strong in your convictions... and from all I've read, I'd say that's a good word for this guy.... A long time journal friend and (right now) a man with his shirt off on his cam... (ok, so it's the last image from yesterday...)

Happy Birthday yo... and I hope that you found some real personal pleasure in this years marking of the passage...what is it now? 29... one more year and NOBODY UNDER 18 WILL TRUST YOU!! I guess you can never take up being a drug dealer...

May this year bring you safely through it's calendar pages and I hope that you are rewarded by the appreciation of the many people that unwittingly rely on you.

Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday Michael, Happy Birthday to you!!!
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