April 28th, 2002



Well I'm looking out my window at big fat bit's o'frozen water falling from the sky... The weather devils claim we are in for a 10-15 cm snow storm... Somebody freak'en shoot m! I caused this... It's my fault... I cleaned out the front hall closet and the front door chest of boots, mittens, scarves, hats, gloves... the whole "lets put winter behind us" deal... And now this! AHHHHH!

~ gray ftls
~ beige pants... (I call 'em my Sunday lazy ass pants... and I don't wear 'em out of the house)
~ blue T and a smile... I slept in ... yea baybee... I'm smiling. :D
~ to clean up and post A Very Depraved Day In My Life post...
~ to visit my mom
~ to help out my BIL with a computer problem...
~ cook... cook a great dinner... in fact I'm gonna go start it now...
~ that your day is warmer than mine weather wise... and as warm as mine, happy wise. :D

(ps. I can just tell... I have this big sucky "loven all my friends" thing lurking inside... beware!!! It's the whole cycle thing coming into play... ~ grin.)

See ya L8er Sk8ers... :D


Off to my folks house for a bit... we built snow men, made ricekrispy squares, watch "The Empire Strikes Back" and so far? really been enjoying a lazy Sunday.

I wanted to send some karma kickboxers to my buddy circlek This boy is in need of an official break from a butt kicken weekend. If I could, I would move the planets my bro but you know... best I have is all the hopes for a better week ahead.

Peace out yo.


Well we went to dinner with my bro and his kids at Swiss Chalet... so good home cooked meal time will have to wait... Salmon for dinner tomorrow. Now it's time to work on a special post (cam on btw - er... ok, it's always on) and chill with Z before we head down to watch X-Files... :)

This has - so far - been a really nice weekend. I like that peaceful easy feeling that creeps over me when everything just kinda works.

See ya.