April 26th, 2002



sleep approaches...

I just read this in a friend's journal; (elliriel)

"Gaaah... the babes have sucked me dry... they must be growing again..."

I just love having so many moms on my list...
you crack me up...
you inspire me with your effort...
you support me when I need it...
and every last one of you are absolute superhero's...

Yea, I'm officially feel'en all sappy about you guys lately... :D

quick edit: meaning, of course, everyone... not just moms... :D

I oughtta... I gotta go to bed.

See ya tomorrow.

morn'en Lj...

I have a fresh cup of steamy, strong coffee... midnight oil on the radio, a chilly morning... and a big smile crawling across my face. S'what d'ya think? Should I be put to death for a persistent good mood? hahaha.... no really, I almost feel guilty having such a great vibe crawling around inside me. :D

Hey... on the way home last night I caught "Drivers Seat" by Sniff and the Tear. You should have seen me ... I was just bopping along the sidewalk... that song brings back so many memories. It was brand spanking new when I was in Amsterdam (when I first started being called Corto, btw) visiting my bro... er... over twenty years ago... geez.. Anyone have that song?

~ er... well yea, it's Friday... pic pic... black.
~ blue jeans
~ long sleeve p-z shirt
~ sweater with the "suedy" shoulders
~ corto werk-cam day...
~ write a survivor update...
~ read a bunch of stuff about a client problem... (the client that I didn't hear from yesterday... grrrrr)
~ well to my buddy lianna... she's been busy sawing a monkey off her back and it's sure lookin like a successful operation.
~ you know I've read so many journal entries by my friends that speak to the notion of things suck'en all over... and it really makes me wish I was rockafeller rich so I could hold a party to cheer you all up... now... I'm not rockafeller rich so lemmi just say that I truly do hope things turn around for ya...

K... time to put a dent in the S4 update... :D

a blast...

A blast from last weekend... in the form of a cup of joe from Second Cup... I'm drinking a "Chocolate Fudge Chocolate Lovers Latté"... oh my god... it is so fraking delicious...
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Survivor 4 Update!!

Survivor IV : Update

The "From Here To Eternity" Episode

Wherein a previously pedophiliac southern hang'en judge takes up a life of gay, inter-racial love and smuggl'en. A fishing boat captain grows horns, pointed teeth and a forked tongue. And we get to watch the ignoble fallen leaders roast on a spit like so many skinny pigs. Oh... and for those of you jones'ing for a little payback.. Sean had his nuts crushed over and over and over and over... bwaahahaha... :D

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Random stuff on a Friday night...

~ I have the box set of star wars movies... still haven't watched episode 5 or 6... I want to... but
~ I have three weeks worth on enterprise on tape to watch... I want to... but but
~ I have a new firewire card to install... I want to... but but but...
~ the calendar above my desk is flipped to December 2001...
do you think maybe I'm a bit lazy lately?

I've been enjoying "not liking my hair" the last couple of days... first part of this week was hard. You have to try to dig this... and I'm sure it's not easy... but no matter how I act... hell, how anybody acts, we're all like one another with respect to the concept of insecurities.

The differences, I think, lay in how we react to them. So I was (prol'y for very good reason ar ar ar!) feeling pretty insecure about how daft my hair looks... let alone the idea that it is quickly fading to pink... at first I wanted it to look good... but when I gave up on that I started finding I could enjoy it looking terrible.

So here I am... with a quickly becoming PINK head and no real plan to do anything about it... I thought of dying it back to brown... or cutting it way short... heck, there's a half inch of new growth there since the bleach... any ways... this is pointless... I'm just blabbing away...

(actually, I'm procrastinating about starting the kids bath...they're playing (together) snakes and ladders on their computer and it's kind of peaceful)

Ok... see ya in a bit...


time for a little computer take apart and put-together... sort of a daddy-leggo thing... see you when I get it back together.