April 25th, 2002



today... well yesterday... really needs to go to bed and die. That's the best way to get my butt in gear for a fresh start... and right about now? I'm ready for a fresh start.

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day... rain prol'y but who cares. There are good and kind people in the world... the lucky ones get to be friends with some of them... and I've been feeling pretty lucky lately.

G'night lj.

Hola Lj

So.... watched West Wing last night... and, well, you know... why stop at 2 out of 3 huh. The weather-chick (little radio) is calling for rain as I sit on this bus and type and do I care? yea-Na! This smile is stuck...

Oh... Roxanne just came on the radio... think I should do my Eddy Murphy impersonation? ha!

No I didn't watch the Survivor Mid Session Viewer Pull (er... Survivor Review). Hey, does anyone watch the "Batchelor" show???

~ black ftls
~ pale green, kinda beige dress pants
~ the dark green micro fiber nip shirt (all nipples, all the time... or as I like to day all-day-suckers)
~ hush puppies hugg'en my feet...
~ a bunch of client stuff... grrrr. (actually, I shouldn't complain... it's work)
~ Survivor tonight!
~ to make a b-day message....
~ on remembering to pick up the damn pictures from the concert today... (yea, I know, wishful thinking calling 'em "pictures" before I've seen in any came out...)
~ Power to my pal celstar59... really the only woman named Celeste in my world... she's on a path to taking her life away from someone that doesn't deserve it... a work thing... not a boy thing... Go you girl!
~ to send out healing, comforting and caring vibes to my friend canuckgirl for her to pass along to her mom. I hope things are ok Cathy.
~ that work stuff eases up for my friend tonya... I feel for you sugar, and I know how much of a pain work days like yesterday are!! Good Luck for a better day today.
~ that another friend of mine... gottabecrazy gets a handle on the whole laughing thing... mmmmk Crystal??

Tomorrow is a big day for Canadian digital signal receivers... The powers that be will hand down the decision about whether or not the "gray market" satellite dishes now in use (like millions of 'em) in Canada are legal.... If I could vote I'd say "bite me... free trade is free trade across the board, not only until it's inconvenient to Ma Bell"!!

ps. Geo lost his second tooth yesterday... so the tooth feiry did her thing last night... a tooney (Canadian 2 dollar coin - a big deal in a land of quarters and nickels) and a rare pokemon card replaced the wee tiny tooth tucked under his pillow. When he got up this morning, we listened as he showed Edward what was under his pillow. Ed felt left out. George gave Edward the tooney.
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I'm going for a short walk... please cross yer fingers... I'll 'splain later. :D
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Well I got-me-pics back. (garbage concert!)

amazingly... some of them came out pretty nice. :)

time to mess with a scanner! :)

Holy Bj Birthday Batman...

Happy Birthday Billijean

K, you gotta know who billijean is… ?? right?

Just to remind you... here's a picture of her in a thong...
(yea... I know, that's getting old... :D)

Today is her birthday… she's turning 25… and anyone that wants to argue about that can take it up with me! :D

Well let's see… it's been 14 months… that's how long it's been since we met...
(and I even spelled her name wrong in the link on that page!!! so the link is totally off... I could fix it, but I thought I'd just leave it like that for nostalgic reasons... lol)

Happy Birthday Billi… I hope your family visit out east brings you comfort, a happy little Jordan, and that the days of your new year bring joy to your doorstep (and if you know a really cute girl named Joy, this was just a co-inkidink!).

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Billijean, Happy Birthday to you!


Who wrote the song's that meatloaf sings on his "bat out of hell" album?
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rather evil I'd say...

come on ... didn't you cry at least once to this song ....

When I was about 20 I worked in the restaurant that had a very popular night spot attached... this bar would be hopping a good 5 nights a week... and without fail, broken hearts would drown in a bottle of beer sitting against the wood of the bar. When this was apparent, the bartender would give a high sign to the Dj and he'd put this song on and we'd all watch the broken heart dissolve into mush... we were pretty awful eh.

turn around bright eyes... Every now and then I fall apart... and I need you now tonight... and I need you more than ever...

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good riddance...

er... So long sammyboi and don't bother waiting to be thanked for all the fish. They stunk up the place.


Oh you know my name is Simon
and the things I draw come true...

Wont you take me
take me
take me
over the mountain with you...


Off to watch survivor... (and take notes... )

wait... something in my garage is calling me ... first... :D

See ya.

oh, in case I haven't mentioned it in a long time... stephy_banana is really the nicest banana ... the one and only banana... and besides all dem'smarts and grounded sensibility, shes fun... funny... as hell and almost sinfully good looking (and I'm not really caring if she doesn't like hearing that... :D)

ps. Women with lips like that (hers) are supposed to be REMINDED on a regular basis to make lipstick smooches on elevator mirrors.
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