April 22nd, 2002



yea... so I'm going to work with this head... I'm certain there will be much effort to torture me.
I really have to start looking into buying a car... Out office is moving somewhere that is radically less accessible via a speedy commuter bus. It may just be time to buy a crummy little beater... The office moves at the end of June.

~ gray ftls
~ dk gray/blue dress pants
~ kinda cool silk (but not silk) nip dress shirt...
~ this freak'en head....
~ to take the "disposable cameras" somewhere for processing.
~ finish a bunch of docs at work re: team stuff... training plans, etc.
~ prol'y have to go to a client site this aft... ug!
~ I had my - versus Zebra's - car coffee cup... I know it's hers 'cause there's a perma lipstick layer right where you drink it...
~ there was some way to read back and actually catch up... yea, on journal stuff.

You know I call so many of my friends "sugar this" and "sugar that" (you know... "sugar snaps" etc.).... does this bother you?

Ok... time to get off this bus and climb into some work...

See ya


It's just freezing freaking cold... my nips are like freak'en bullets, .... my arms are cold... I mean, I'm cold all over, but as I sit her I can just feel my arms being c-c-c-c-c-cold!

I want a door into summer.

oh yea, I spilled a coffee ... ALL OVER my desk... you know that sucks right? Nice clean desk now though... big full garbage can.

ok, back to being cold...


A friend was asking about a song... turned out to be by Pink... and I knew that (go me) but what's more... I really notice that she (Pinky) sounds a lot like Tracy Bonham sounded on her 1996 album... any body else have this album? give a listen... see if you can tell what I mean... hmmm... maybe I'll mp3 a bit of Bonham and post a comparison... must go and buy Pink.


ok. so I've been staying put (relatively) all day... trying to keep the powers that be away from my head. How productive one gets when one STAYS AT ONES DESK...

and now the day is done and it's bus time... man there's a lot of stuff kicking around in my head that wants to find it's way to my fingers.

oh, and I took the "disposable cameras" to the developers today... cross yer collective fingers...

Later skaters. buses, kiddies, zebra, dinner and bedtime rituals await a daddy.


Silver light cut across the room like a knife wound.
The darkness had been your ally.
Somehow feeling less vulnerable yet still
bound by the very clothes that once caressed you.

The moon had opened up the night to the game.
The comfort of you denial was now cast aside.
Here were slivers of white light falling across your body.
Now you could see. Arms and legs, extending away.

The moon brought light to the shadows.
Torn clothing, used to hold you in place.
The fabric no longer caressed... it gripped, it bit.
You could see her now.

She stepped in and out of the light.
In a silence not possible by day,
your own labored breathing seemed to be a fault.
Her silhouette betrayed movement.
You saw the whip and braced.