April 15th, 2002



I'm tired today... tired for all the right reasons...

It's all foggy and warm today... my bus travels this road (call the Ottawa River Parkway) that - d'uh - runs along the Ottawa River... it's really quite a beautiful scene.

~ gray ftls
~ new sox... but few pair of nice sox... this is one of the few ways guys can accessorize with any flair at tall....
~ pale green / beige pants,
~ nip shirt (microfieber)
~ p-z v-neck sweater. :)
~ I have to finish another proposal before noon... These are sooo cun, cause I'll have a sales guy, a vp and someone from the proposal center hovering until it's done.
~ watch x-files from last night,
~ to call my dude about a hair cut... still feeling a little waffle'ish on the "red" but a cut for sure...
~ I realized how nice it is going to get today... I would have worn less... as it is I have a big ass trench coat on...

In five days I will be on a train... collecting my own little drops of jupiter.

Big time lj Birthday baybeeeee

Happy Birthday stephy_banana

It's steph's birthday today... She was (I think) the first Lj friend I had the pleasure to meet in the land of 3D. She really set the pace...

This last year has been a pretty big one for the banana girl, new car? New husband… well, first husband… ok, that still sounds bad… Husband! And she's certainly identified with a good group of Ljer's and achieved icon status. She's also a pretty good chick to have an argument with… no end of fun there. All in all, she's all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips… hands down. Good looks, good taste (froid), smart and so obviously personable.

I very sincerely hope that you have a wonderful birthday (the part looked like fun, btw!!) and that this year brings you all the new happiness you can handle. (oh, and longer hair as it seems you desire…)

Peace out Steph and thank you for your friendship!!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Stephany, Happy Birthday to you!


A peach.

~ warm colours
~ soft fuzz cover
~ wonderfuly squishy to touch
~ exceptionally juicy to bite into
~ satisfying to eat
~ and when you come across something hard... for gods sake don't bite hard.

Anyone call you a peach lately?


so couple of quick things...

How do people that don't (or can't) drink milk, eat chocolate cake?

I'm going to mess around with the code for my journal page .... something I'm only passingly good at... so if my page just frazzels... it's from that... otherwise, please ignore the man behind the curtain.

(ps. power puff girl mission of mercy scheduled to do a fly by of occipitaldruid to check up on her... we hope you're ok christine... )