April 14th, 2002



Ok... so the last of the guests are gone home... time for bed.

Tonight was a fun night... almost everybody had their underwear on display at one point or another and there was much laughing and talking. :)

See ya tomorrow.

ahhh yes... Sunday.

ack... no idea what happened so far today... I passed out we passed out soooo late this morning... I don't remember when the boiz woke up but I had nothing to do with that.... thank god. Z got up to make (as they requested) mashed potatoes for the guys for breakfast and ended up back in bed sometime around 10??? er... not sure. I got up at 10:30, and after much kid stuff...
here I am...
a quick morning post...
and looking forward to reading wolfiegirl's "a day in my life" post!!

~ er... well, more morning stuff... I'm not that creative on weekend mornings... :)
~ definately a shower!! :)
~ can't think of anything besides some clean up...
~ oh, I've been taking pictures in and around the house for a "walk through my house" post...
~ a very happy, if a day or two late, happy Lj Anniversary to my pal lakme, she of the golden bum!

So last night really was a blast. For some unknown reason we ended up talking about waxing and shaving and his/her bald squatchies and underwear a lot... We ate like freak'en pigs... and while I barely had a single small glass of wine, they did manage to polish off a bunch of corona and 4 bottle of wine. We (this little "get together gang") usually play some kind of a game, Cranium's a favorite, but it was just too much blabbing away to bother... Good music (thanks again no1topaz, good food, good friends and interesting conversations... if a little blasted during the process... made for a really fun night.

OK... off to write a few happy b-day notes... :)

Hey... Late Again

Happy Late Birthday Iv@n!!!

So I'm falling behind again!!

Ivan (ratonil) and I met in journal land right at the very beginning of my Lj adventure... He lives in Chili and has opened my eyes up to several new perceptions about that beautiful country. He's a "journalist extrodinaire!!" or so all that education seems to indicate and his very special 3D friend actually works here in Ottawa... So I was very lucky indeed to meet him last year on his visit to Ottawa. What surprisingly good looking, well spoken and all-around nice man.

I hope you find all that you are seeking this year and that your birthday gives you plenty to be happy about... (and get over that cold would ya!)

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Ivan, Happy Birthday to you!!


shopping... ended up buying new jeans and new cargos... and new p-z shirt for garbage... :)

baked another cake... classic rectangle (no big fancy number this time) for my neices b-day... choco with butterscotch icing... very delic.

off to be an uncle at a b-day party... see ya...

(kinda missing you this weekend... I hope I'm not missing anything shocking!!)


Happy Birthday Meaghan!!!!

It's dallandra's birthday... well, at least according to the birthday page it is...

Do you know this girl? She's the leader of a rather dangerous all-girl Biker Gang that gets a lot of press time in the local Toronto papers... She's got the title of "Most Dangerous Moll" or MDM for short. Yep... just a few short years away from a "most wanted" poster. You can spot her cruisen Young or hauling Don Valley on her Hog and head to toe in black leather.

That all being the case, it's no never mind for me... because she is a sweet journal friend and really has a great big friendly heart and I'm glad we met here in journal land. In fact.. Z and I get to meet her next Friday in Toronto.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Meaghan and I hope this year brings you great insight and great happiness. (oh and plenty of great music too!)

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Meaghan, Happy Birthday to you!