April 12th, 2002


howdy howdy howdy... look, I'm Woody!

wohoo... going to bed on time... holy geez. Actually, it's not so much... We bailed on the computers at 12:30 but then remembered that the new sofa arrives today, so we had to move the existing - seriously beat up - sofa to the basement. Do you know who Dirk Gentry is? (Douglas Adams - rip - "The Holistic Detective Agency") Moving the sofa down the stairs was very Dirk Gentry'esque. So, in bed by 1:00. Beats 2:30.

Hey, thank you for the really great comments on the "A Day In My Life" post... if you missed it, it's here. That was a lot of fun to do... I got a great suggestion from a friend about doing a "walk through our home" post... I like the idea.

~ yea, it's friday... black... pic pic... :) (and I don't really care how it looks... it feels way fine - and if you haven't tried it... well, you're loss.)
~ it's all about denim today... blue jeans, maroon shirt, denim company logo shirt.
~ dem big ass shoes.
~ I have to have a contract proposal done before lunch, and then start another one... if we win these... I'll be a busy boy for the next couple of months... and in the background, I could end up in a contract at DND for the next 4 months.
~ a Survivor Update...
~ corto werk-cam will be on all day…
~ to eat several pieces of fruit... I got more fruit then a PT Cruiser Sales office.
~ I wanna rent a good movie to watch on our new couch!! :)
~ I get the chance to catch up on Lj... kinda missed out last night.
~ you know, a lot of my wishes have come true lately... :)
~ hey, I hope that bowl of sugar, adrienned gets better soon....

Fill out this poll!! (please)
Everything I make for my web pages get designed on a 1024 x 768 res... When I looked at the ADIML post on a 800 x 600 res it looked kinda crummy.

Poll #27631 Monitor Res

What resolution is your monitor set to?

640 X 480
800 X 600
1024 X 768

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four women in the office gathering near my desk, getting ready to go to lunch, just decided I was a Ho.



Survivor 4 Update!!

Survivor IV : Update

Real Men Don't Wear Pink

Wherein the goobers finally get together in merge-land. The Boston Marathon (the unending drivel from Lord Robs mouth) is finally over and - after 19 days - the gang finally gets their collective nutz around the idea that they really are stuck on an island in French Polynesia to fight it out. Really, this was a light weight episode.

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