April 11th, 2002



So I have most of my my day thing done... but it was a pretty standard night... geek time and kidding around.... still need to take the "last shot" and then get TO SLEEP! gosh, look at the time. :)

Sleep well...


yea ok... so sometimes I wonder if I'm even capable of going to be bed before 2:00am. It's all your fault, btw... :) Tonight will be dif... I simply have to get there... lets say I shoot for 12:30 lights out? If you see me posting or online after 12:30 I give you permission to level cruel and unusual punishment on me...

Oh, the ADIML post? it's going to have to be a "spanning two days post. I really think it's worth it to wait and get some pics of our fam doing the end of day stuff... which I totally missed yesterday via dead batteries.

Speaking of batteries...

~ gray hains bb's
~ it's a swish swish day, with the noisy "swishy" cargo pants...
~ the dk blue (p-z) shirt with the orange stripe
~ and cause it's cold now, I wore the giant, extra long sleeve sweater... and I just heard it's going to really warm up today... so yeah... go me, overdressed.
~ to sort out and email to serraph some cam files... :)
~ sort ADIML pictures,
~ write a proposal at work... essentially for a contract that I'm either going to not win due to a "fix" or win and end up wearing... this is not such a hot thing.
~ it's a Survivor night!!
~ the very best of days for my treasure of a friend hisbeauty... I'm still buzz'en on the idea that we spent an hour last week connected across the country to help me out with the Survivor thing... :)
~ for a few good vibes to stream out to my friend flyawayfree.
~ that I see something from katscan again soon... (I miss you...)

So I've been wrangling with time... or the lack of it... to solve apache problems... and in the background, struggling with the desire to rebuild my web site. I finally found the inspiration... nothing dramatic, it's just that I knew I wanted to change it, but I didn't know what I wanted to change it to... now I do. :) So the hunt for time continues.

Have a grand day!!
Damn I wish I had a second cam so i could keep one at work.