April 2nd, 2002


morn'en Lj

Yea... so you see that? can you see them?

~ black ftls
~ beige / pale green dress pants...
~ dk green micro fiber shirt... er.. the nip shirt. no really, there's no help for it - just look at the picture... put-on-shirt? put-on-beams.
~ v-neck x-tec sweater...
~ a busy day... I have a not-so-great feeling about one of my clients and thier desire to continue with a specific contract... we'll see.
~ ug! time sheet hell!
~ no idea what, but I know there's some crap going on at 9:00 ... so it's looking a lot like a "wrapped and slapped" kind of a day.
~ you could see through my eyes... just for one day...
~ I'm back to wishing I owned a good mini radio, mp3 player. Of course this would dramatically increase the likelihood that I would end up dancing around on the street... which, here, ultimately leads to hand cuffs... or, at the least, public stoning.
~ designdiva posted (in laljbash) a beautiful interface to a zillion pics from the part... and last night dawnmarie also posted a wonderful arrangement of pics and words.... I'm just say'en thanks.

Have you ever been engaged in a convo with someone that said "Yea, but it's the law. It's illegal to do that and if you do it, you go to jail, end of story." Blind acceptance of a law is like three inches behind the excuses that the guy operating the "bake" controls in Auschwitz had.

Jimmy Eat World - gimmi
Janes Addiction - gimmi
New Moby - gimmi gimmi


Ok in case you noticed... an earlier reference to the GardenGirl was in error and should have been to the girl in the fishbowl... if this makes no sense at all, then you didn't notice and I'm safe. :D
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