March 31st, 2002


hop... hop... hop...

oh yea... let's see, long night... watched K-PAX... enjoyed it... but it ended after 3:30 in the morning... and of course, the damn bunny shows up at 7:30.

Actually, the big news is that the bunny was beat by the official FIRST LOSS OF TOOTH... Geo has been sporting a waggly wiggly tooth all week and he showed up beside me this morning around 7:00 with said tooth in hand. He is well, very well, pleased with himself. :D (time for a little fairy action tonight - mmk, get yer mind out of the gutter!)

Z and I hid lil'choco coins all over the family room before bed and she had put together these great bunny baskets with sweets and fun... they included some delights sent to us earlier this week from the ever sweet and delicious lakme ("get in ma belli!"). They are rather happy right now... me? rather sleepy.

~ nothing of significance... black ftl's, sweat pants and top and big warm sox.
~ well, a shower for one... better clothes for another.
~ Easter dinner at my folks house,
~ to attack zebra as she wakes up ... but shhhhh... I want to surprise her.
~ that I was still asleep...
~ to say how much fun it is to see the cool-as-beans stuff y'all write with just four little words for inspiration.
~ a good day lands on inspectorjury... and his land of Bob Cobb.
~ that my very precious friend nikki (she of "gnome") and poor poor lil'banana girl get healthy soon... fresh fruit... it's what your body wants!!

ps. Oh my god, I am going to have so freaking much fun in Toronto at the Garbage concert... :D :D :D

yea so...

Convo from earlier:

Me: "Geo? What am I gonna make you for lunch?"
Geo: "I dunno..."
Me: "Peanut butter sammich?"
Geo: "No... yuck!"
Me: "Veggi soup?"
Geo: "mmmm... NO!"
Geo: "Can I have a salad?"
Me: "er... sure..."
Geo: "a big one?"

(We checked... he's ours...)

ps. There is something remarkably inappropriate about brown play-doh!
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I'm presently "come from away" at my folks house prep'en for easter... four kids are running around hunting eggs (which are often more like loot bag treats versus just a bunch of choco!) and we're getting ready for a freak'en phenominal dinner. (my mom almost "lives" for the opportunity to prep a beautiful meal-for-many) (then again, she also "lives" for the next chance to paint or look after her grand kids... so basically she's the perfect mom...)

I sincerily hope you have a nice Easter and that your families are well. If they're far away, remember to dig deep and call'em.

peace out mochachos et mochachas... :D
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