March 27th, 2002


trudg'en through the snow....

wow. This is one of those "It comes back to you..." days.
It snowed like all get out last night... so the snow trucks have to roll. That means there is a small mountain of snow at the end of our driveway... like 4 feet tall and 5 feet wide, besides the 20 cm's of snow all up the driveway. When I struggled out of the house this morning I found my driveway clear. A neighbor had cleared it. I know I've done the same thing for neighbors on either side before but it just feels good to have it come back.

~ it's a swish swish day... loud swishy cargo pants... dk charcoal.
~ blue t hiding under the 3800 lb sweater... ok, it's not that big but it's big!
~ white sox... I mention those because I forgot the bag with my shoes in it at home... I'm wearing big clunky boots (remember... 20 cms of snow), so I'll be wandering around in sox all day.
~ New Enterprise and new West Wing tonight. (yesssss!)
~ to initiate project "new web"... I want to retool my web site to simplify a few things and maybe improve load times... Note: this will take months due, primarily to the non-existence of available time.
~ some warm thoughts to rav4rosie
~ to lay a few birthday well wishes on you today... and although it seems like I've forgotten gottabecrazy I haven't... I'm just way behind. :D
~ It was reasonable to hand cuff geo onto his bed, and thereby avoid his uncanny capacity to bring on kiddous interuptous with such phenomenally bad timing... but alas... laws being somewhat against this plan, I'll have to save the cuffs for z and I.

k... time to get busy... gotta jet...
ps. I can't say "gotta jet" without lizvang's smiling face appearing in my mind. :D
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yea... shoot me.

Happy Really Late Birthday gottabecrazy

Hey Crystal… I'm so sorry I didn't get this posted… what? Two days ago!!! Grrr…

Crystal, a snowmobile riding, bikini-in-the-snow kinda girl will, graduate from CIS in Michigan this year… She's as sweet as candy and while she posts the typical stuff she still manages to make me all tear up with things like this post!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that this year is a raging success for you with school, with friends, and the pursuits of your heart, er… let alone your libido.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Crystal, Happy Birthday to you!

More B-Days...

Happy Birthday hoorah

Yo! Matt. Now the thing is... Mat prol'y wont see this but that is totally fine. He's a non-updater… As much as I'm writing this for him, I'm also writing this for you... 'cause in the words of one angst ridden, long haired, canadian sing'en girl... "you oughtta know!"

Matt is a devoted hubby man to a wonderful woman and a dedicated father. He's having a b-day... (may you revel in gratuitous sexual favours!!) He's served his country in the most honorable ways… setting an example as a loving, caring father and as a member of the armed forces (and I'm not talking desk-job here!).

Let me just say, Happy Birthday Matt and know that it is my sincere wish that you continue to find the strength to carry yourself forward in the battle to be the father you deserve to be.

While I am forever aware of how small a slice of the "real person" is available to lj friendships, everything I have read from you and shann makes it a no-brainer that you are a good and honest man that deserves no end of breaks. May this year bring those good breaks to your door… just remember to open the door to them.

Peace bro!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Matt, Happy Birthday to you!

wow... On-Time and everything.

Happy Actually NOT LATE Birthday justvisiting

Happy B-day Isabel… I hope you get laid! (*hahaha… ok sorry) No really, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and find yourself in the midst of love and good will from a world of friendships.

Have a great year sugar.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Isabel, Happy Birthday to you!


do you remember when...
we used to dance.

oh wait... I'm supposed to be working...

~ ducks under the cracking whip.


because I'm a posting fool... procrastinating on something I really really need to get busy on... I checked tomorrow, last year (march 28) and found my link to this!!!

This was my first exposure to that html trick - the thing where you cause the link to cut back to whomever is holding the mouse...


This is me being all about sending good love to my friend;


80's music

K... so I'm digg'en on this era a lot lately... but Cher!

Can't do it. When Cher comes on ... anywhere, all I can see is that guy (Jack?) from Will and Grace imitating her. :D