March 26th, 2002



I like Lola's hair.

no really.

I fucking love amythyst's hair(a'la a bunch of LA Bash pictures... )

Now... sleep. Tomorrow? Another story...

Peace out lj. You've been so patient with me... thanks. And thanks for introducing me to all these people!!!

k, no really... must sleep.


yea... so 20 cm's of snow, 50 km/h winds... all to start by the end of the day. Great!

Er… who lives in Chicago?

We watched Run Lola Run last night... ilovemovieslikethat!!! I mean, I like subtitles only because they are a pretty clear indication that I won't recognize anyone... new talent = good, btw. And the movie had all the edge I need to be infected by it's energy. Oh... and I'm still liking her hair colour.

~ gray ftls
~ pale beige / green pants
~ the nip shirt (little micro fiber deal)
~ big busy sweater...
~ way way too much hair... Ok, sure, first thing in the morning, after putting some gel in it, there's an element of control, but by the end of the work day... it's big hair time. I neeeeeed a hair cut.
~ client meetings this afternoon....
~ a bunch of admin stuff this morning...
~ to point out that topazgrrl is my cowgirl...
singing you can be my cowboy... and I will be your cowgirl
~ to send out a hey! 'cause cabricker is just too freak'en cute for words.

Holy geez, I got mutt and jeff duo of middle aged guys sitting behind me on the bus. I've laughed out loud twice (stifling as best I can) at their conversation. I almost feel bad for thinking ill of these guys but I mean... "the princess diaries" comes up as a "great movie" (yes, I saw it... it was cute...). "Have you ever heard of the beatles?" "Who?" More over, they keep asking each other the same dumb questions and not finishing their sentences. I want to turn around and bitch slap 'em both just for the fun of it.

Oh, and just one quick thought. Jennifer Connolly. saltyjenny made this great post yesterday with two pics of her... one from the Cscars where she looks rather underfed and boobless and another from a movie poster. Go look. See the thing is... besides the fact that the movie poster image is airbrushed and touched up, you really have no idea what project she is working on now... she could be that skinny for an acting role, or an illness... whatever... I'm just saying... she does look like death now, but... who knows right?