March 22nd, 2002



yea... black and white... hehe... going for that artsy thing... z'it worken?

Today needs a theme. I'm just say'en... I had a great night last night... got good stuff done, got to bed early, stayed up late, and it's a sunny (brrr cold) beautiful day in the "cortoland". (pssst. xaheras I really mean it... you're welcome to take BC!!)

Comment from last night... "black, shiny, and tight between your legs... I see that and I'm there..." The response; "So if I grabbed the remote...?" Well, this got me thinking.

~ friday? black... pic,
~ blue jeans, 3WV t-shirt, corp logo denim shirt...
~ big clonk'en shoes (I am so sick of winter boots) although there's a ton of new snow out there.
~ grr... well, I didn't finish that report yesterday, but I made real progress... so today I have to finish and then go present it...
~ brought the cam today so... it's corto werk-cam today! (note: the counter is set to 15 seconds, but the refresh is 30 seconds from work)
~ well, wolfiegirl, dawnmarie, kristylicious, jaggedpill, nbbmom, misskris, stephy_banana ... geez... all in one place... you gotta know I'm making wishes about being on a jet fighter blowing past passenger jets en-route to LA.
~ er.. I wanted to say that I wish for some good vibes to sneak up on a long-time lj friend... Hey Nic, choco_orangutan... you're a bowl of sugar on the table of my day...
~ to throw out a few quick "hi, how are ya's" to some friends that deserve a little appreciation... You're great friends... sandcat, tonya and caren.

How big of a geek am I?? This is my morning ritual; (ps. wicked icy out there, so I'm killing time on an extra long commute)
~ After getting up and ready for the day... kids up and eating something... I nick into the office and snap a "morning picture", then it's kiss-everyone time, grab a car-cup of coffee and get out the door.
~ grab the paper and walk up the street to the bus stop. When I get on the bus, I sit down and plug myself into a little radio set the commute to music. I read the paper and suck coffee... then I grab my cell phone and check my lj email.
~ then I open up my little hand held (hp jornada 820) and start writing the morning post... (um, this!). I'm usually scrambling to finish as my bus gets to my stop in downtown Ottawa.
What a geek... I promise, I do not own a pocket protector.

ps. I'm still working on the theme thing... How about a day brought to you by the letter S?
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cut off one end and eat it like an egg...

Better advice I have not received in ages... eating like the 6th kiwi this week... :D


Runcible Spoon:
A serving spoon with small pointed notches at the end...

brought to you from the committee in charge of things you can't to sleep without knowing!