March 21st, 2002



remember that cake... I made the cake and then the Half Cake (for the freezer). This was three days ago... well, it's out of the freezer and it was a stretch to save some for the kids for tomorrow. :D

Watched (and really enjoyed) survivor... once again, they came through with a shit-load of material! :D

Any ways... I didn't get everything on my plan done but it's getting late... time to start the tuck-in-corto ritual and make little zzzzz's float around over our bed. :D


Yea... well, not a great start to the day... cccccccold. Furnace kinda gave up last night. So the wake up zone was heavily populated with shivering kids and waiting on the phone for a service co. to say they'd call z before they came out... Z has to work on Thursdays and Fridays... fortunately she works just a few minutes from home. Me? I entertained the notion of working from home but - besides spending the day shivering.... I didn't bring the notes home I need to prep that report... grrrr.

Time to spin... you know... spin around two times and try and re-start my engines. This time with a smile.

~ it's a swish swish day! (wearing my really noisy parachute material cargo pants) basically sounds like I have a big pair of snow pants on...
~ k, I'm wearing a nice v-neck sweater (has suede shoulders) but I'm wearing a point-zero shirt... and, er.. those noisy pants? yea, they're p-z's too... so I'm basically a marks-work-world catalog model today... :D
~ write a report for work... all kinds of cool stuff in this one.... blech...
~ write the Survivor update! (fun!)...
~ with all of my heart that my friends in LA for the bash take really good care of each other!!
~ to send a shout out to a new friend... Hey queenveets.
~ that some good breaks would pop out for my friend ectv... Shan's good people and things with the work zone have been really unfair lately.
~ to just say that I love's me my Christina... er, incarnation... had me howling with laughter over this... she posted that in the thread where I mentioned the Miami Vice theme song...
~ that my personal sugar (Z) has great day and that the trip to the house to meet the service guy works out... I love you baby...

ps. the spins working... :D

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don't drink
don't smoke
what do you do?
subtle innuendo follow...
must be something inside...

(can't get away from the 80's tunes...)

Well seeing as the ENTIRE UNIVERSE is either on an airplane or dancing in the streets of perma-summer, it's a great time to post full on naked shots of myself in my journal...
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Headphones... working on something really freak'en complex... kinda got mad at the application (loadrunner, if you care) and shouted "get in ma belly" at the computer...

Looked around... er.. I really thought I was alone...

I wasn't.

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My theme song... if I was to pick song to be my "today theme song" this would be it...

Bananarama* Katrina and the Waves., Walking On Sunshine.


* sheesh...
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and in keeping...

In keeping with my vibe... (and sorry about the bananarama thing)

but I HAVE SALT N PEPPA SINGING PUSH IT! on Wolf FM bwaahahahahaha!

Break out the gold lamé sequen encrusted shorts and halter tops baybeeee... lets do some o'dat 65 mile an hour leg action head bop'en dance routine...


gotta fly... it's parent teacher interview time for Geo... and I'm, er... supposed to be there.

Almost (*ALMOST*) done the S4 update... it'll be posted just after dinner. :D

later fellow stalkers... :D

Survivor 4 Update!

Survivor IV : Update

Now it gets messy.

Wherein... his lordship, psycho Bronx Rob begins his descent into darkness with gusto! Jeff comes along and shuffles the deck, putting the burn on Rob and Sean - the laziest almost-humans on the face of the planet. Gina is snatched back from the cliff's edge and we end up with a heavy girls against the boys weighting for new tribes. Beware! Testosterone tends to sink to very low levels... so the boiz will basically fight for the next 30 days... and the girls? well, in the words of ol'Flav, "chicks aint shit but bitches and trix" Lets watch 'em all play.

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