March 20th, 2002


a little delta with that ma'am?

Sometimes I read people talking about how they have changed...
or how they have changed since starting their journal and I say to myself;

"Self! People don't change."

Some add polish... but a shiny you is still you.

Some ferment. Poop's poop and it only gets worse, until suddenly, it breaks down and vanishes.

Others manage to simply coalesce... shedding, or - more likely - tucking away more youthful perspectives and finding the natural coming together of the things that worked well for them.
Feels like change... but it's just focus.

And we are all, so very much, the same.

hmm... March 20, welcome to Spring!

Yea... so I'm getting closer to hair cut land, 'cept I got a Garbage Concert coming up in April. I'm getting my head around a last gasp (before it all falls out LOL) freaky hair thing...

~ black ftl's...
~ dk gray / blue dress pants
~ micro fiber nip shirt..
~ kinda groovy p-z silky dress shirt.
~ getting to work late! Hey, I worked till 8:30 last night... screw it.
~ it's a Survivor Night S4 Tonight @ 8:00
~ trying to make a WebLogic SNMP agent read it's punk-ass MIB.
~ I had a weblogic expert in my pocket.
~ to send out a few "get well soon" vibes to my fav teacher journal pal... sweet nutmeg (it is kinda cool reading the journals of public school teachers... being a dad and all...)
~ to say a big thank you to evangelinaarion for being a friend...
~ and a wee shout-out to reens... er, for posting what undergarments she's wearing each day... really, everyone should do this... (hahaha... shoot me, I don't care :D)

Isn't it fantastic how well "Puddle of Mud" is doing on the airplay zone... I remember when shan (a never-ending source of inspiration herself - growl*) was telling us about them before anybody ever heard boo on the radio.

So what you do last night... say from 1:00 to 3:00? sleep? yea... there's that... or then again, maybe it was one of those really rare nights when the kids didn't wake up and sneak into mommy and daddys bed.... wowowowowowowow!

k... time for work... later mochachas et mochachos...

ps. You guys are just the freaking greatest... ('specially, 'cause you put up with my dot-dot-dot addiction!!)

pps. T'aint no good thing like a fist full o'crack first thing in the morning! Yo!
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Remember this?
Well that "something special" was sending these to a special birthday girl. She posted a note about 'em here, but not everybody can see that post... :D

There isn't a whole lot that brings a persons spirits up as much doing something nice for a friend. :D
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erp... wish I was on a plane to LA!

all I know is that to me
you look like your lots of fun
open up your loven arms
watch out here I come
you spin me right round baybee right round....

Smile... :D

If you have even the smallest bad vibe... drop it and start smiling... it's way more fun. :D
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Theme song to miami vice is playing on my headphones... I'm standing on my chair posing like I'm don johnson... but alas, I shaved today...


K... grab yer kiwi like an egg and cut the top off... now use a spoon to scoop out the insides.

(sage... killa sage advice from a blue girl I know)

Ever since the bout with the flu and the horrible cold I had a few weeks ago - when my taste buds were just fired to hell and back - I have turned over a brand new leaf on the "eating whole foods" thing. I think, in the last half year, I have consumed as many fruits and vegetables as I had otherwise consumed in the two years previous.

This is being typed - btw - as I sit here with an apple rammed in my mouth (very "spit roasted pig" like, I might add).

You want to know this? no... I know... but s'ok... my journal... mine. :D