March 15th, 2002


Survivor 4 Update!!

Survivor IV : Update

Nuth'en Says Love'en Like A Hand Full Of Pee.

Wherein ... we get to see the makings of a tribe actually voting themselves off the island. We get blood, guts, a fist full of pee. The expectation is that Sally Struthers will show up any minute to tell us that for pennies a day you CAN make a difference. Oh, and the remaining members of Maraamu have bright red L's tattooed on their foreheads…

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Morning lj...

bad boys, bad boys... what cha gonna do...
Why is that white person smiling? Z was daring me to make these totally messed up goofy faces for the cam... I was cracking up... and we ended with this... however, I think I'll have to have an embarrassingly goofy faces week soon. I mean, I got a really bendy face. :D

~ um, white (again)...
~ blue jeans,
~ 3WV white T shirt. (wondering about new 3wv shirts...)
~ corp logo denim shirt.
~ quick hit at my office then off to a client site for most of the morning...
~ my desk for the afternoon... with the corto werk-cam.
~ to book train tickets for the April trip to TO.
~ for a speedy recovery for a little kitty cat, holed up in with a sweet woman and her family in sunny South Africa. Get well soon Otis.
~ that I get time to work on my wee-bit-of-fiction... grrrrr! :D

The WWF is brining Smack Down to the local stadium this weekend? or is it next? Either way, I won't be there... however... the ad running on TV is priceless;
"If your idea of a cultural even is large sweaty men in spandex, we have the show for you!"
Gotta love truth in advertising.
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Just a note for a friend... justtrina

May the grace of good fortune and patient skill of the helping hands bring your mom to the other side of this story with peace and dignity.

Just because can't hurt... say a word of hope for my friends mom as she stands before the cancer demon and steels herself for a fight.

hehe... true to form...

Happy Late Birthday kat69m

A girl curiously interested in D-Cups... LOL, I hope your day was wonderful yesterday. When you head into the woods... and if your really lucky... the blue eyes of a wolf may cross your gaze. If this ever happens to you, you will be hooked. It's really hard to see a wolf in the wild and not be changed by the experience. When I think of wolves I think of a few specific Lj friends, including Kat. My son George is doing a big-deal (hence mom is working really hard on it) project for school about wolves... :D

I hope that this next year brings to your door all the special pleasures that you can handle.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Kat, Happy Birthday to you!


How's your day going?
are you at work?
Are there people at work that give you grief?
People around you .... busy in their own little worlds...?

Take a minute... mentally undress them mentally and suit 'em up in a pair of gold lame shorts (sequins all over the place) and a similar squeeky tight bustier... line 'em all up and imagine them doing a "salt'n'peppa" dance number...

Push it real good....

ok.. I'll stop now.

... dark A

Time - I think - to go and watch Dark Angel... but first, six things...

~ We had pizza tonight... went to Boston Pizza... not so special but I was STARVING so I powered it back... with *gasp* root beer.

~ Ed likes root beer... I know, he's 4 ... he can burp like a gastro-dynamic truck driven ol'boy... his little face kinda ripples like any "extra" that burps in Mo's Bar on the Simpsons... Middle of dinner... :P

~ Tropicana All Natural Orange / Grapefruit combo juice is fantastic. Quick go get some and drink it all... I did...

~ you know... I am almost exhausted from being so "up" all week... and today was kind of a bag-of-shit day at work... grrr and I have to work tomorrow... early.

~ I miss indianasweetie...

~ my nails are fucking perfect...

la8er sk8ers.