March 14th, 2002


hmm, work? grrrr...

holy birthdays batman... but that'll have to wait a bit.

El'Name-Drop'edaro here... coming to you live from my long commuter buss ride. Yup... she called me a name dropper (all in good fun, mind you) so I think I'll just drop a little of her name today... and no that does mean I'm dropping her only her name... I mean geez... Like journaling here would any fun without stephy_banana, her lips and the "cat tail on her panty bum" showing up.

~ haines "boxer breifs" here-to-for refered to as bb's...
~ fancy spancy sox
~ dk gray / blue dress pants
~ p-z long sleeve
~ ok... a S4 update (of course) but I'm going to be seriously wrapped and slapped today. I have to spend the morning at a client site and we'll see how well that goes before I know what the afternoon will be like.
~ writing some birthday notes... (and although I'm late for the apple-girls', I'm looking forward to it.)
~ I knew what to do ... yea, you know what I mean.
~ that my LA bound friends (one week mochachos et mochachas) don't explode at any point this week...
~ I'd have to say that I am doing a lot to keep the green monster at bay... I'll be in LA one day, so I know I'll meet Kristy, but I sure wish I could look into Kym's eyes, or slid a puck over to misskris...

Look, there's a lot of serious vibes going around my friends list... No seriously... there's hard shit going down for some, seriously erotic stuff boiling on the skin of a few and what can only be described as lj angst for others. So many emotions... I'm not trying to be a pain but - checks his calendar - a whole bucket of you are heading into the zone... all i can say is keep the salt intake down and drink water... When things get like this, people backlash all over the place. oh, and you realize that you'll all be on yer period in LA... :P

~ it's ok that I love Sting and Linken Park in the same thought, right?


Is anybody else having this weird prob with Lj and going to "previous" entries... When I click it, it brings up a save-file widget... and I can't get back... even if I type in the ?skip=35 bit...

grrrrr... any who.... it's off to a client site with me... later...

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Happy "Day Late" Birthday applelard

I wonder if Jen (the cornflake girl) gets more net time in from work or from home? Any ways, I'm sorry I didn't post this yesterday but don't for a second think you're not on my mind. Jen's a librarian (you know, the beautiful hair and cute-like-you-could-just-die girl that tells you to shhhhhh all the time) and she's been a wonderful friend. She was one of a few peeps that my firewall was blocking - by virtue of old-skool net blocking rules - and she still managed to stick with me. Fortunately (or not, depending on your view) I fixed that.

May this birthday bring you closer to finding all the happiness you deserve… May your carpet last longer than your shoes… and I'll save a few wishes for your mom - I hope things go easy and quick for her today…

Peace in your world Apple-girl… ;)

Happy late Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Snoop er' Cornflake Jennifer, Happy Birthday to you!


Me... home... hockey over. The game was terrible but being able to "do the box" with Z was great. I think she had a great time. The dessert cart was the hardest part... we both caved.

Meanwhile, I'm off to recover some ancient manuscripts held in a vault in the Vatican (thing Mission Impossible) and while I'm away, I have this geeky guy working on the S4 update at my desk.

Later skaters...