March 5th, 2002



"zebra?... Zebra! wake up... what does that say? " (gesturing at clock)... "what day is it?" (gesturing at the sun rising high in the bedroom window...)
OMG! It's 9:07! BOOM up, out of bed, into bathroom... check watch by sink. Ok... there is an on-again/off-again burnt out diode on the digital display of the clock radio... 8:07 and 9:07 look the same... No matter 8:07 is plenty late... I guess at 6:15 when the alarm went off I was feeling large 'nuf to snap the off button versus the snooze....

I had a fine dream about being in some hotel with Jerry and Lys (circlek & mispriss)... the hotel had it's own world class roller coaster... No idea what was up with that...

~ ok... black ftls, black with white diamonds sox,
~ jet black Liz Claiborne dress shirt - that I didn't get a chance to iron, so I put on a thin gray cashmere v-neck sweater...
~ a really nice Italian tie (actually, I got married in this tie)
~ dk charcoal suit....
~ big clompy shoes... (my nice dress shoes are at work.)
~ grrrrr.... I have another client meeting - for which I was given a "suit" dress code, at 10:00... I'll get to work at like 9:20.... have to leave at 9:30...
~ catch up on Lj at lunch...
~ some kind of product presentation this aft.... (eh, at least I'm in a suit!)
~ one word!!... jeans.
~ I really hate dressing up for work... it feels like such a waste... I like to dress up for play... but work?

So I'm on the last morning express buss.... for this route... comes past at 8:40. Typically, it's not that packed a bus. Like today... I get a whole seat to myself. There's a girl in the seat ahead of me... at the "transitway" stop before we hit the highway (kind of a "park and ride" terminal) this guy gets on... walking down the isle he comments to the girl ahead of me. They know one another. She smiles and talks back... he stops and prepares to sit down... beside me. In his head, I guess, he's thinking he can lean forward and chat with her and she can lounge sideways to talk to him... "you're kidding? forget it... do not sit with me... sit with her!" I say... they both look at me... then he sits with her.

My teeth still ache and my cheek still hurts... but, honestly, less so. I managed to do that "irrigation" thing last night. It kept running from my nose to my throat, but whatever... That stuff I was spraying was not "antibiotic" that z had left over... only a sinus clearing goop... it's clinic after work or bust for me.



When Micheal Jackson sings about Billi-jean... you know... the girl that is not his lover... she's just a girl... and they dance... in the round...

Can somebody explain to me what "in the round" means in this context... I mean? I dig dancing... but how do you do it "in the round"... or am I just doing one of those "monostonic family" things (my missinterpretation of the words to the flintstone theme song)...

ps. a japanesse guy is gonna wiggle a big assed knife around in the air and flip all kinds of crap around on a table that is actually a cooking surface for lunch today... (yeah... and I am seriously hungry).
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Just installed the San Francisco "Bondage A'Go Go" add-in to SIMS... wow, talk about yer S & M fantasy... I never new my gang could all bark like a dog in unison!

Time to go spank some a bad little girl with a riding crop and up the "happiness curve".
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    yea... ok "chain" and "pull" ... works for me.