March 1st, 2002





Oh the humanity... :P
(so much material... in one place!! thank you... oh... thank you. :D)
oh and Friends? hehehe... wasn't that cute. :D

Morn'en Lj...

Oh boy oh boy... the Miss USA Pagent is on tonight... I won't watch it, but wohoo... it's on. I mean if they'd just bite the bullet and prance the girl out in a body hugg'en one piece, announce that we will never hear their voices and have 'em twirl for a bit... sure. But the whole "I'm gonna be a brian surgeon in Somalia" thing just gets thin... I mean, it's a beauty contest... admit it and run with it for chrisssake. :D

~ um, it's a friday... pick pick...
~ er, it's cold too, gray ftl's
~ blue jeans,
~ point-zero long sleeve blue shirt...
~ hey... contract is over... new contract around the corner, I'm going corto-werk cam while I have the chance.
~ writing... tippidy-tappidy... writing... a Survivor 4 "wet, wild and boobies" update.
~ meeting with people about "Mercury tools" at work... actual work? grrrr
~ I'd get past this cough... talk about yer mating call of the sick and downtrodden.
~ to send out a few really big hugs...
~ my friend flyawayfree, lil miss super pookey, could use some kind words. She's ok... she'll be great... but there's no denying, a fight to get your kids is something that deserves the support of friends. Some of you can really relate... drop her a "hey!".
~ another friend, ebean... who looks adorable as all get out in those pics today... she's doing a great job of not exploding! The ex-monster zone is particularly hard lately... I'd do details, but ... just know that good people deserve good vibes, ya know?
~ who knows what a little debby is? well my lil'debby and her dude could use a wee bit of those vibes too... it's definitely going to be all-good sugar. It'll just take a bit...

Did somebody say distraction? yea... k. Later... :D

(ps. yo! good poken yesterday... them's some good pokes y'all)

how do we dance when the bed is burning...


Lunch!!! see the white boi consume actual food... versus the utter garbage available to your's truly while I was on that client site... :D

oh, and I'm working on the S4 update over lunch.

happy happy happy...

Survivor 4 Update!!!

Survivor IV : Update

Boobies!! And Improbably White Teeth.

Wherein ... we meet the newest american delegates to the Phone Sanitizer Conference (tip'o'hat to Dougi Adams rip). Talk about yer haves and have nots? wow... this is going to be a fun run of Survivor Update'en. We got "paid for boobies", bibles busting out everywhere, old tough white meat, unsalted angry dark meat from the hood and gold chains. Darwin is laughing so hard, he's blowing chunks in his grave bro!

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later lj...

Off to find my way home...

Long night ahead... and a computer upgrade in the works for tomorrow... (yea!).

Today was a great day. No really... today just felt great... I got me some happy bones to live off for a bit...

I hope things are ok in the world of my friends tonight.. . I hope all goes well with lizvang's move... and that nobody expects Billijean to lift anything heavy... bad back there... don't push it...


and a special note to say that my thoughts are with you fairiedust66 ... I hope things are ok.