February 25th, 2002


yea... um, morn'en..

Ok, I feel damaged... I don't feel like I have a cold, or the flu... but rather like something is broken and needs fixing. Just the hint of the smell of coffee beans is enough to make me wince... it just smells strong and awful. Imagine!!! Me, unable to drink coffee... It's really weird... everything smells like this... bagles, aftershave, toothpaste? yuck... smells "burnt" - if that makes any sense.

~ gray ftls,
~ pale green / beige pants,
~ dk green micro fiber "nip" shirt... no help for it... wear this shirt, have hard nips.
~ the new sweater my mil gave me for ma birthday...
~ to pick up cards today to send to my family for thank you notes (re: b-day stuff)
~ to sort out where the heck I am in this contract...
~ I get a chance to listen to some of Nikki's radio show from last week...
~ wolfiegirl all the power and faith in the world if she decides to do her own show... !!

So listen... I have a couple of friends that may do well to have a few good vibes tossed their way... "pooky" (flyawayfree) is a mom with a little pain that I can very much relate to or at least fear... missing her kids. I know, from reading her that she's a strong girl but I'll bet the warm thoughts of others work for strong people just as well as they door for people that are less so!

nbbmom, the radio girl, may be (may be!) coming down with a flu... send you best fast acting "healing" vibes her way... cause single mom radio girls, cannot afford to have this flu... :D

Tip: if you're going to be jadedfaerie's room mate... make sure she likes ya sweetheart, cause that girl is not someone you want working against you
!! ps. aimee... it's high time you came up with a picture!! :D

Ok that does it...

I've been kidnapped and replaced by a pod of some kind...

I just bought my lunch;
~ pineapple juice
~ giant bottle of water
~ veggies and a dip...
~ a fruit salad...

These are basically the only sorts of foods that don't taste like toxic waste to me. :D