February 18th, 2002


Morn'en Lj... :D (<-- me with a big big grin!)

Hola... slept in a bit today... :D

You know, I'm still managing to feel sick as hell by bedtime, but right as rain by morning... I really gotta shake this sore throat thing.

~ well, ma birthday suit of course... can't ya tell?
~ hehe... ok, you can click here to see what I'm really wearing....
~ my MIL gave this great sweater for my b-day... wearing it!
~ gray ftl's, a gray t and my pale green/beige dress pants.
~ well, I'm actually going to work today... I really need to get past some milestones with my project and the end of Feb is looming.
~ I'm going to spend the last half of my day at my reg office in downtown Ottawa... I need to go to my bank about some RRSP stuff...
~ tonight... no plans. (go me!)
~ for calm confidence to creep up on ladyfire and hold her hand as she gets ready to travel across the planet for love... she is an adorable and inspiring woman.
~ that my coworker, and very good friend, luker is feeling better, not worse, with his cold!!

~ I also want to express my deepest gratitude to three lj friends that really caught me by surprise... I received a BNL Cd and a Fight Club DVD, both off my amazon wish list and had an additional year of Lj tacked on to my pre-paid account!!! and - something I mentioned a while ago but forgot this morning... a cd of practically everything done by Sting and the Police (mp3 land).
Very heart felt thanks and hugs go out to debby, kitiara, kitykity and billijean for such wonderful gifts...
~ as much as I love the music, movie and membership... it's way way into the "thought that count's" land here... I really enjoyed telling my family about it at dinner last night. (score)
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just a quick edit

on my morning post... 'cause i failed to relate my appreciation for kitykity's wonderful gift of music... for my b-day she sent me a cd of Sting (and The Police) mp3's ... enough to fill my world with music. :D


Have I mentionedthis lately?

So many of my friends, bless their hearts, are working towards personal goals... I make it a really big part of my friendships to try my best to keep track. I do that with a real passion to live up to the real value of friendship.

There is little doubt that one of the most amazing achievements in this regard is in the life and times of my long long time lj friend burbonstreet although she goes by the journal name kitykity now... She's just an amazing woman...

And now she's involved in something very selfless and worthwhile. I'm in her list of supporters... maybe you could be too... it's a personal thing, I know, so people will do only what people can or are comfortable with... and I totally grok and support that...

But it is a LINK worth passing around to your friends through your journals... some of you have enormous friends lists... and I just cannot imagine a better message to pass along.

Peace out.

what a day..

I've been all over the place today... and now I'm off to fed ex...

My oldest boy (George) has a kicker tummy flu and is tossing cookies all over at home... so daddy has to rush home and give him some loving... :)

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes today... you really made this wonderful...

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tr4rdeewee2ew ww2dcxcdfejjjjjjjjjjjjjjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinjhlkjhy7uu8990-=[]

(the above has been brought to you by Edward - 4yrs)

mere moments ago...

shuffle shuffle shuffle...
I can hear Ed sneaking out of his room... I'm in the middle of giving Geo something for his amazingly runny nose.

I call over my shoulder... "Ed! Get yourself back in bed or I'm turning out the night light... last chance!"

I hear this gruff, raspy voice... "I'm not Ed! So I don't have to go back to bed!"

I turn... He's turned his pj's inside out and he's scrunching up his face... he's just standing there... looking quite serious. He thinks I will not recognize him...

Sometimes it's all I can do to not burst out laughing...

3 time...

Three quick things:

~ it's officially past 10:pm and my throat is not sore... it's been weeks since I could say that... I'm thinking love does cure almost everything....

~ it was just "delightful"* to watch Alisa Camplin react after nailing her aerial (New Zealand? Australia? not sure...) but she was rather underdogish and jumped to 1st... I've no idea if she gets to hold that place, but from her unashamed joy one thinks it hardly matters.

~ it's 10:34 (corto time) and I just came back from Ed's room. Heard another shuffle shuffle. He's standing there, in the middle of his room (he shares a room with Geo), holding a damp face cloth. "I'm just folding this ok?" And he proceeds to kneel down and fold this cloth. As he puts it back on Geo's bedside table I survey the room... glowing slightly from the two night lights. Ed's removed his pillow case and loaded it with all the books in their room... like 45 books... and has it half pushed under a dresser, his covers are off his bed and pushed under the bed... No idea what he's up to, but he's been busy. I had to put him in bed then turn the quilt sideways and tuck it under both sides of the bed tight... sorta like a big comfy belt!. :D

* yea I know, I said delightful... sue me...
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