February 14th, 2002


hmmm... v-day..

Happy Valentines Day

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<center><font color="red"><h3>Happy Valentines Day</h3></font>
<img src="http://www.corto.ca/resources/thursday.jpg">
<b<i>I walked forty-seven miles of barbed wire,
I got a cobra snake for a necktie,
Now come on, take a little walk with me,
Now who do you love?

Who do you love?
Hey, that sums it up.
Kinda the opposite of Kojak sucking his lollipop, looking into the camera and asking "who loves ya baybee?"
Do you see the dif?
Setting aside a day for love... has to be a good thing.
Don't let it get you down and get busy and love someone.
My heart could just about burst with all the love I have for my friends. Fortunately, I feel it from some very special people too... I know how lucky I am.

~ pale green/beige dress pants
~ micro fiber hunter green T (the nip shirt)
~ big warm comfy sweater.
~ to watch Temptation Island wrap up tonight...
~ more pain and suffering at the unfair hands of corel word perfect (power yuck!)
~ I could reach out to all my lil'darlins and share the love. You know I feel it...
~ to take a minute to acknowledge the remarkable happiness that I hope and suspect lives at the heart of my forever-precious friend <lj user=puglover>. A Valentines Day with a heat that is filled to the brim with loving. Go you!
~ and - because I haven't said so in a long time - another So-Cal super girl, <lj user=jaggedpill>, has been sneaking words like <b>love</b> into her journal lately... I am so very happy for you Amy. Of course, you know, this means that boiz will be coming at you from every angle now.

So today is being brought to you by the letter V.

click clack moo

Farmer Brown got out his won typewriter.
Dear Cows and Hens:
There will be no electric blankets.
You are cows and hens.
I demand milk and eggs.
Farmer Brown.

So here's the thing...

I've not said much about this... I've been watching and waiting...

It's about the Canadian Figure Skating thing... if that's boring... move along... nothing to see here.

I have a darling little niece... she's 11 and full of grace. She dances... she skates... and she watches the Olympics on video tape from the night before in the morning before school AND NOBODY better say a word about the outcomes before she see's the tape.

She is bursting with the hopes and dreams of youth... with the imagination of children everywhere.

She cried her heart out, quite simply beside herself, when the marks came back. While she sure knows her skating rules, She does not understand what happened... nor will she likely understand any time soon.

I had only recently remarked to my dad, in a convo about snowboarding Half Pipe... His (obvious) opinion is loosely "wtf?" and while I'm the first to say any sport (i.e. curling) that can be played well, while smoking a butt should not qualify for Olympic status... my considered opinion is that the Olympics are for the young... because the will grow to be the participants, the audience, the coaches, and the supporters. So the Olympics will change to meet their expectations. Hence... Snowboarding Half Pipe.

The injustice that is the scoring of the skating competition has done damage... not to the skaters... they will rock and roll with the coverage and celebrity that this will give them... but the sport has been hurt... as has the dreams of children everywhere.

Elvis Stoiko (sp?) ... he should have come on the ice tonight and when his music started, just skated around in a calm and relaxed circle staring at the judges...

Did you know that officials... judges... that were found guilty of cheating in 1998 (giving each other signals on voting - caught on tape) are working as judges in this Olympics...

Ok... nuf 'said.