February 13th, 2002



Convo on my lap this morning...
Geo: "Dad?"
Me: "hmmmm?"
G: "What is that?"
M: "It's Adam's Apple."
G: "Really... who's Adam?"
M: "Johnny Appleseeds son."
G: "huh?"
M: "Johnny grows apples and his kid gives one to all baby boys at the hospital."
G: "Will it go away?"
M: "No... well, not unless.... um... No."
M: "You have one too pookie."
G: "I do?"
M: "Yea, tilt your head up and feel...."
G: "OHhhhhhh!"
M: "cool huh?"
G: "Yea... do girls have them?"
M: "No... except Emilio Benivinchi's secretary... she used to be a boy."
G: "oh.. ok."

~ gray ftl's
~ it's a swish swish day...
~ noisy, swishy charcoal cargo's, from the good folks at p-z
~ p-z T-shirt
~ big king-cab size sweater... extra long sleeves.
~ to spend the day pretending to not be sick.
~ um... I'm supposed to write some stuff up for my boss for him to use in my "anual review"... dear boss, Corto rocks... you know...
~ Do you know how evil Corel Word Perfect is? I have to spend the day writing a big ass doc in wp... yuck.
~ I get healthy enough to enjoy this weekend... we're going out to dinner with some friends to a Thai food restaurant... there will be pictures!
~ I was going to Toronto this weekend... :D

So this bar in Ottawa is running a promotion... "Win the breasts of your dreams." No their not giving away a ho..... some girl is going to win a boob job or she can "keep the cash." Apparently it's $2000 cash or a $4000 boob job. I am struck with the possibilities for arguments between budding young lovers after "he" gets to choose where to go for drinks...

Hey, I'm listening to Joan Jett and Blackhearts... "I love rock and roll, so put another dime in the juke box baybeeee." ... memories.

Um... anyone have that song "Short Skirt and a Long Jacket" by Cake on Mp3?

Remember that moment in Moon Struck (Cher, Nick Cage) when the grand-pa says "somebody tell a joke."... I love that... I loved that movie.

Later skaters...
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    I miss carrie!!

can you dig this...

Do you know this song?

Bryan Adams (*yea, the guy that makes me think of pheromones unlimited - long story)

One Night Love Affair.

The opening segments of this song... oh... if you cant pull it into your frontal lobes... go download it somewhere... it's anthem quality... you just want to turn it up to 11 (hahahaha) and windmill your arm...

ahhhhh music... come on... it is truly the drug ... the opiate of the masses... religion be damned.

(do you realize how many puns there are in that last bit...)
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    Bryan Adams, One Night Love Affair (CLUB 977 The 80's Channel (HIGH BANDWIDTH))