February 11th, 2002



Holy freaking burrrr... it's about 689 degrees below zero out there today... exposed bits of skin explode after 20 seconds... and it was raining yesterday!

K, so I'm just saying that normally weekends can serve to replenish the spirit and pump a body up for the work week ahead. This last weekend had no such affect. Besides feeling crummy and slave'en for the man... well the woman as it were, I keep running into stuff I just do not grok with my linux server and I usually have no time to work it out. It's either the middle of the night before I start or there is some bs going down that keeps me from focusing on the problems. Let it be known, there is little else as cathartic or spiritually comforting for a geek than finding and resolving geeky problems.

~ gray ftl's
~ gray/blue dress pants...
~ jet black mock (mock mock) neck long sleeve (has deep purple HP logo on it)
~ dk blue v-neck sweater... (with the little suede patches on the shoulders)
~ to submit some draft reports to my client...
~ um, to finish up some draft reports... :D
~ lunch? got my fingers crossed...
~ ok, I know this is all about me, but I wish I felt 100%. I really really want to feel healthy and I'm just getting sick to death of February being a month of feeling sick.

K, I'm getting close to work... time to get ready to freeze my nuts off waiting for a buss to hull... (yea I know bus buss...whad'evah!)


heard earlier tonight..

Ed: "daddy... "
(I'm kneeling down, helping him on with his boots as we head out to the drycleaners...)
Ed: "you have almost no hair... you're going to be all bald soon!!!"

So I beat 'em....
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    ok, sheesh, I'm just kidding...