February 9th, 2002


morn'en lj

It's a cold, sunny... generally (for February) beautiful day out there...
Me, my sleepy self and my cup of jo don't really care though... and prol'y wont for another couple of hours.

~ sweat pants...
~ black hoodie
~ old, 1950's era woolen sock over my tongue.
~ well, shower...
~ to get Z over to a clinic... she might have an ear infection going on...
~ general chill... I need to acquire good health... I'm the verge of something unhealthy.
~ popping echinatia all day... and don't say a freaking word about how to spell that... at least I didn't call it euthanasia.
~ I new where to get a backwards font... that'd be cool.
~ I was asleep.
~ for peace in the hearts of my friend daikan's family.
~ um... it may be out of place, but I wanted to send our a good vibe or two to my long standing forever lj friends paperdoil and evil... I just thought... you know... good vibes are (in the words of Lars Ulrich) gooooood!

invisible! Your eye for photographic images never stops amazing me...

wolfiegirl... I hope you got yer oats sugar... :D