January 31st, 2002



wow... how many things can nutty in one morning...???

Edward - furnace boy - is still running a kick'en temperature and getting sleep last night was a trick for all of us. We woke up late (ish) to find Geo gagging on his breakfast... So he's not in school again... I had a Dr. appt this morning at 8:30... well, at 8:30 I was still driving to my moms house to drop the kids off, then it was to Z's office to drop her off, then the Doc... who blew me off the minute I came through the door... "Sorry, we'll have to reschedule this... you're 10 minutes late." yea... thanks.

Then I had to boogy downtown, get a parking spot and make a 9:30 MUST BE THERE meeting... which, thankfully, I was on time for.

Now its' what? 10:33 and I'm finally at my desk. Feels like I've had a whole day already.

~ gray ftls,
~ dk blue cotton cargos... pockets pockets everywhere...
~ black p-z long sleeve
~ a really great sweater with these suede patches on the shoulders.
~ eak... I have a ton of stuff to do today... I never even got close to my time sheets yesterday... so that's job 1
~ more flow charts and thankfully, no interviews today.
~ Temptation Toture... I mean Island tonight... and maybe Enterprise from last night.
~ for love and happiness to keep infecting my life... :D
~ that something good would happen out-of-the-blue to my pal sammystudio with his daughter... so much potential for joy there... so close and yet so far. My heart is with you brother.

Ok... time to check mail... peace out m'homies...

oh, playboy_mommy I hope you're feeling better today shan-shazam!


Ok,, I had breakfast ... (good) and I had a good cup of coffee... yea... now I'm drinking crummy coffee and chowing on Deeee-licous butter tarts...

Um.... do you remember the show "The Love Boat"?? can you remember the tune... can you just hear Jack Jones singing "The love boat....."??

yea, I know... me too. please get this out of my head. please?


I really should go get some food...

Yer killing me with all this talk of snow.. the one freaking day a year I drive to work and it's gonna go mental out there... yikes...

I think, in the interests of science... I am going to enable anonymous posts in my journal for a few days... It has been disabled since day one in journal land and, as I 'splain in my bio, I don't really think you count unless you are willing to put a name to yourself..., but... I'm feeling a little punchy...:D

It's kinda like standing on a table in a local bar on hockey night wearing a "the other guys" shirt ... sorta say'en ... bring it on...
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holy crapasorus...

Snow everywhere... yup... (looks out the window) it's snowing sideways...

Just about a half hour left here before I have to boogy off to my office for a 3:30 meeting... oh, and I'mma gonna get a grrrrrrrrrrreat cup of coffee in the process...

my god I can hardly stand the thought of all this no-good-coffee stuff... I think I'll go snag a Bodum coffee maker for the desk.. :D