January 25th, 2002



Wow... so I kinda gotta lotta sleep last night huh... On the one hand, I hate missing a night - the night time is the only time I really have to get things done. On the other hand... I really needed that.

Of course, I managed to sleep in any ways...

~ it's friday... it's all about denim and a 3WV t-shirt.
~ I have a shit load of work to do today... (drat). I have these group meetings with the clients to hash out more info... and I have to get a table of contents done for the freak'en book I'm writing for them...
~ we have a borrowed copy of Empire Records (DVD) at home... I think I'll watch that tonight... oh, and we never watched Enterprise from Wednesday... hmmm...
~ tomorrow? Saturday... We will have thirty people in our house for an extended family party re: Eds 4th birthday... Ed turns 4 on January 27th.
~ I find a wee bit of time to cruise Lj today... and some more time to work on some web site issues this weekend. :D
~ k, I need hand cream... I have a bottle of Aveeno at my desk... my hands are dying for me to get to work...

So... temptation island? do you watch that? I really didn't want to when it started but I kinda got hooked over time. I guess I'm a sucker for organized social torture... especially when the victims sign up for it knowing full well what is in store for them!!!. Some of my favorite moments on the show are when John (Shannon - the blond that was writing the forbidden notes! - and John are a couple, he has the tiny little hair stripe on his chin) ... when John does his little eyebrow riser and side-long glance at his fellow victims. For example, the way he glaces over at the other guy during the "bon-fire" when said other guy is taking his turn watching his chick make out with some other guy. What an amazingly stupid show. Well, maybe not stupid... contrived and blatant. It's the dolts that are on the show that are beyond comprehension stupid.

holy jeez....

click me baybee... it's to an unprotected post out there in lj land...

and you will grin... and you will know the story of my life... hell, you will know the story of every mans pain. :D

Thanks for the hook-up Antonio


Have you noticed that whenever the people that make TV shows and movies need to cast someone as the slightly dim or naive character... they get someone with a completely ludicrous hip to ass ratio?


just a note:

Wanted to say

Thank you

to carrie for supplying the musical accompanyment to my week... mercilessradio was a real treat this week.


ok... gotta fly off to a bus and home to do the weekend. Later skaters...