January 24th, 2002



(please read my "wishing" section, if nothing else ok?)

Talk about being committed to the vibe!!! See that smile... that's for you ok? See the boi? he didn't sleep a wink last night... well, not true... there were plenty of winks. All of them punctuated by the coughs and tears of Geo (my six year old). He was almost sleeping right beside me in our bed and coughing up a storm. And seeing as I was up any ways... Ed decides to load up two pull-ups with the stinky stuff and demand a change... In my sleep deprived state I didn't have the heart or gumption to push him to use the toilet.

Speaking of toilets... I uninstalled the crummy crapper and put in the new porcelain god. Geo and I will be decorating the old one to look like one of the evil toilets in Captain Underwear... I'll get a picture!

~ black ftl's
~ dk blue cotton cargos... somewhat less staticy than last week.
~ blue mock (mock mock mock) neck shirt
~ the monster sweater... long sleeves and heavy like lead!
~ shit... I dunno how I'm gonna get anything done today.
~ I'm supposed to do training plans for my team and write up stuff about the interviews yesterday and there will be more interviews sched'd for today.
~ oh, temptation island (yea, I'm roped in) tonight...
~ I wish I could do something to help shan...
~ ok... look do you know shan? I'm talking about playboy_mommy. Lemmi tell you about her. She is a wife and a mommy... she's adorable and caring and she has been a friend in Lj for over a year... If I'm lucky, I'll know her for years yet to come. Now there's this thing going on; Her main squeeze - Matt - has an ex. I'm not going to trot out any of the merrits of the argument here except to say that debi (the ex) seems to take great delight in torturing the fuck out of shan. There is a custody issue as well.
Now it seems that debi has solicited the LJ Abuse folks to put the squeeze on Shan and Matt's journals. Believe me when I tell you that this is just plain wrong. I've followed the never-ending episode of "welcome to hell" that debi has leveled against shan (yes, I'm judging... sue me) and it would be plain wrong for her to win this way. I've no idea what can be done... or what wouldn't just make matters worse, but losing shan in journal land would be a drag.

Lj Late Birthday Baby...

Happy Late Birthday myeah

Yo, happy birthday (yesterday) myeah... The roads are only just starting to open up! I hope this next year brings you opportunities and the freedom to capitalize on those opportunities. Try anything, once... try the good stuff over and over! May good health keep you, your man and those kidlettes well and happy.

Oh and for your birthday I hope somebody remembers to rub your back and deliver Russell Crowe on a platter to ya. :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthdaty to you... Happy Birthay dear Myeaha, Happy Birthday to you!


Working on Visio diagrams...

Eating little chocolate balls... you know the annoying ones with the tinfoil wrap!!

and... listening to wolfiegirl on her radio show... ectv is the current caller!!! This is a great show... and I JUST LOVE NIKKI'S VOICE!!!


got me a little bit of a bean going on... meaning... I really need to bean something... "Hello, I am Jacks repressed aggression."

hahaha... well, thankfully I'm managing to be outrageously happy as a rule today so I guess I can deal.

Work is going great... Ah got me a big'ol flip chart to play with... fear me!

My pal, luker may very well have fixed my sendmail problem (may the heavens part and rain riches on this guy)... and I'm off to another meeting... more on that later.

Have I mentioned that I'm about ready to hammer nails again? jeez... I'd ask for someone to gimmi a hand with this... but the jokes would prol'y drown me. :D

Later skaters... Have a great day and oh, a friend mentioned in her journal yesterday about her exp with the power of a smile... you know, the smile that passes from person to person... I've been digging this for years... do me a favour... smile at a stranger... NOT with a demonic look in your eye... dooof... the idea is to say hey... I choose to smile, what are you gonna do? Chances are they're gonna smile too.

see ya later.
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