January 23rd, 2002



(sorry for the blatant profanity...)

but the ftp dilema has finaly been solved. Freak'en firewalls... :D

cams working again. :D

(now to figure out why sendmail hates my freaking guts!!!)

Morning Lj..

Hola... hi again. That's me feeling all happy schmappy about getting things working again. (And Geo, the boy with the big honking - kept me up a lot last night - cough) The problem - the plague of geeks everywhere - was being to snarky for my own good. I had implemented more firewall blocks than I realized and with a new and marginally confusing firewall it took a bit of poking around to figure out where the block was.

~ gray ftl's
~ black sox with white diamonds...
~ d/k gray/blue cuffed pants...
~ this totally great shirt... it's all kinda silky on the inside and sort of brushed on the outside... cool stitching, etc... I love this shirt! (and it's a beamer!)
~ and I will soon be wearing the shoes in the bag beside me on the bus.
~ ug... today will be a killer day... I have 4 (count 'em four!) 1 hour interviews scheduled with managers at this client's. I will have to spend at least a half hour scrambling notes down after each so that works out to 6 hours gone before the phone even rings...
~ on watching a new "enterprise" tonight... and I can't tell if West Wing is a new one or not... so I'll check tonight.
~ you could feel what I feel sometimes... I received a note last night from a lj friend... it was a good note... among other things, it reminded me of just how precious this community is to me. Thank you.
~ wishing? wishing I find the time to do the things I'm planning to do for an Lj friends birthday. (grin) Nola's b-day is a'coming... and I have video equipment!

three things
~ the LA Lj Bash is looking a lot like a no go for me.
~ I am soooo jazzed about this new video camera we have... (sony trv-730). Besides doing the "digital cam-corder" thing it also has a sony memory stick for recording quick mpegs. Some how I'm going to find the time to figure out proper port forwarding to run streaming off my site but between now and then? mpeg! Oh, and we are going to get a tonne of video this weekend... we're having 30 people over for Ed's 4th birthday... that would be all of Z and my extended families... No way I'm cooking for that many people... pizza and lasagna time.
~ have I ever mentioned that I think the name Sonya is a beautiful name?

k, later skaters... long day ahead. I hope I find some time to cruise my friends page today. :D


I'm laughing atthis... and there is no way you won't as well!!!
Note: not for small children or people with a fear of seeing action figures or a penis.


two things...

I'm sorry about that last post not properly warning ya when I first put it up... geez I hope nobody got in trouble... and if you did... you prol'y deserved it for other terrible things you did when you were a child so consider this pay back ... Seriously though, I'll be certain to include the requisit warnings...

My Hair... I do have hair... I have not had a hair cut since January 2nd... um...well specifically here (man, my life is an open book huh...) oh, and it looked like this before the cut...

So my hair in the pic this morning is still wet from the shower and hair goop i use to keep it reasonably "business like" for the day... I've usually messed it up right-good by the end of the day... and hair with hair goop in it messes up real-good!!!

k... next interview comming up... later.


So the Captain Underpants book about "Professor Pippy P. Poopypants" includes a reference to the story "The Pied Piper of Hamlin". natch?

ok, so Geo is on this plan where he has to read to me before I read to him... he has a series of "grade 1 and grade 2" readers beside the bed and he reads some each night. The last two nights it's been the Pied Piper...

Last night we finished it... and then I had to make up three more pages in glorious detail because he was about ready to start bawling his eyes out... geezus... DO NOT READ THIS STORY TO YOUR KIDS... :D

Town over run by rats...
Mayor makes deal with Pied Piper...
Piper boy gets rid of the rats (oh, they are all drowned in the river btw...)
Mayor renegs on deal...
Piper is pissed...
Takes them to a mountain and put's 'em all in a cave and seals the mountain...
oh, one "lame" child doesn't get in the mountain and has to go home but "has no one to play with."

Screw the moral of the story... ... I mean, two more pages and you could have the Piper getting a big bonus and returning the kids... but noooooooooooooooooooooo!

Ok... enough of the classics... lets get back to Captain Underwear - the loveable waistband warrior of truth, justice and all that is cottony and soft. :D

a few quick things...

gotta get myself outta here...

1. I have a remarkably sore toe. Big toe, left foot.

2. today was a rocket day... I managed to get about a weeks worth of work done in one shot... now - of course - I'm bagged... and I have to keep at it long enough to get sendmail cooking at home. Lack of regular email makes me very unhappy. (note: all my lj stuff goes down on a hotmail account...)

3. I AM SICK AND TIRED of shitty coffee... somebody please come a build a starbucks next door to this building ... pleaseeeee!

You only want to be attractive to strangers...
They are the only people that do not see how beautiful you are...
I understand. I do. But do strangers really count.

K, gotta jet... love you guys... you know that right? later.


wow... captain excitement here... me, my cam, and my cup of coffee... working on sendmail, etc.

Oh, I bought a toilet tonight. After dinner I took Ed on a whirlwind tour of shopping requirements... new pound of heroin (coffee) from the specialty coffee house, milk and cream (and an appliance lamp) at the grocery store and (ta da!) a new toilet at Home Despot!

Remember that toilet that gave me a reason to wash the walls? Yea, well the verdict's in and it's curtains ol'turbo toilet 1000. It's time for this years model. This, of course, means that I get to join the ranks of losers (notice the proper spelling of "losers") that face trash day with an actual toilet sitting at the end of their laneway. I mean, come on... you can't drive past that without staring at the toilet and glancing up to the house... Then next time... "oh, look honey, that's the house with the toilet...."

Any ways... word 'em up homies... (like y'all need that advice... sheesh :D)
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