January 22nd, 2002




Things are looking much better.... still having trouble with ftp but at least I can see you. :D

Only just got this... so I'll have to try and catch up tomorrow... did I miss anything?


Yikes... two days in a row... well, I really should have things back to normal by tomorrow. :D

Thanks to some good advice and help from luker I was able to get the system and the web server working fine. Tonight it's sendmail and other details. There is only so much time to work on this stuff... It's more fun than I know how to explain - messing with the servers and working on the web sites... but it's time consuming when you consider the only time I get is after kids settle, after Z and I deal with any mom and dad talks and before I pass out...

Oh... and the new digital 8 camera arrived... holy crap this thing is cool. (and lemmi tell ya, we saved a crap load o'cash by buying off e-bay.) Now it'll take the next six months to figure out how to use it...

~ pale green/beige cuffed pants,
~ gray ftl's
~ kinda groovy gray patterned sox ("sox:" the under appreciated accessory)
~ the nipple shirt (hunter green micro fiber stuff that makes my nips pop...)
~ a chenille sweater! (a p-z sweater and you would love how it feels)
~ I have the first two of a series of interviews that I'm doing with my clients... these are a major part of the contract and I'm kinda key'd up. I have to be sharp for these...
~ more geek land tonight...
~ d'ya ever get to know someone a little bit via this place... lj, and find yourself thinking "I wish I could go to this person and just be a real world friend." I don't mean anything goofy or stalker like here... really it's just that sometimes I feel like I'm getting a real grip on someone's pain or needs and I become filled with the desire to somehow run to them. I dunno... I have had that feeling before and I will have it again... so no big surprise... but I feel it pretty strong sometimes... funny that.

Hey, welcome home to petermarcus. Way to be the man! yo... I'm glad you had a great trip and I hope life bends and twists so that you can foster that relationship to where ever you guys want to take it.

geek world: so I still can't get pppoe to run at boot up... I've moved it way down rc3.d (afer everything networking related) but after a reboot it still needs to be "pppoe restart" (pppoe is the name of the startup script I used). Ftp is freaking cracked!! it just hangs whenever a data transfer is initiated. umm... what else? Oh, iptables... works great but it's confusing.

addendum : I forgot my bloody shoes! (no there's no blood on them). I took them from here to my office for the presentation yesterday, then carried them home... and subsequently forgot to bring them in today. So now everybody gets to appreciate my groovy sox. (crap! remember those interviews... !!)


I can put a whole chocolate chip cookie in my mouth... of course... I can't whistle like that. But in life... there are some trade off's don't ya think?

totally kicken

this song... I mean, it's my personal goal to someday stand in front a crowd and sing this song into a mic with a guitar playing beside me... but this chick clocks it down beautifully. way to go!!!!

happy corto
good corto


Cam's on again (after a 2 day hiatus)... although I proly wont be here much till after 9:00 pm EST...

hmm.... maybe not... still messing with it...

Nope FTP's still fucked... but I'll work on it after the kids get to sleep...