January 18th, 2002



this has got to stop... it's 1:30!!! ahhhhhhh....
right! g'night... sleep tight... I know I will ... zonk!

Morn'en Lj...

So I have that little radio on while I'm riding the bus into work. The station I'm listening to has this guest on... a comedian named "Russell Peters". He's hilarious... point being, however, that this guy actually hosted a show called "Miss Nude UK" (in, um,.. the UK). Boy, that must be such a bummer. (pun pun). K, I'll stop.

~ um, well, it's friday... and my buddy kristylicious is dodging state troopers en route to the arms of a good man in the city that never sleeps (while they milk ya) - Viva Las Vegas Kristy... so, pick, pick... it's all about leopard print in her honour today!
~ oh, and denim everywhere else. Jeans, a maroon T and the company logo emblazoned denim shirt...
~ something... let ya know in a bit.
~ work city... I'm really getting into this contract.
~ I have a busy weekend coming up but tonight? nadda.
~ so if you lived in Vegas... and had a brand spanking new main squeeze (oops, I said spanking)... and she was coming to visit... would you plan on making a few friend intro's? I hope you're ready for that. (xo)
~ a quick self-interest wish... k? I hope I can manage to have a good and peaceful weekend. I freak'en need one.
~ hoping for good health to catch up with Drew... yea your lil'Drew ladyfire.
~ sylph?? sugar... how are you? long time no talk to ...
~ do me a solid ok? Send a few good vibes to my friend theauthoress. Ceara (her name) is going through some really bad stuff and my hopes are for her and james to make some comfort for that girl.
~ and ldygwynedd?? I hope you're feeling better sweets...

Do you plan to watch the "golden globe awards"?? I can say, see or think of that name "Golden Globes" without thinking of Baldwin on Saturday Night Live talking about Schweaty Balls....

Did ya watch Temptation Island last night? Ok... those poor bastards... they have got to be preset for this stuff... besides Magg's (the Haitian stripper) being a total scum bag... I just want to slap that little Armundo boi... :D and I could barely stand to see that other goober after watching his girls video moment where she's licking salt, biting lemons and having a tequila off a dudes tummy. "There was some licking going on." Dude!!! You're lucky they didn't show you her going to bed with Mike New York on the b/w "everybody looks guilty of something" cam. Sheeshh....


Survivor III Update!

It's still over!
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sorry if this is getting old skool... but I freaking LOVE this song... and I don't even know the name...

you're my butterfly, sugar baby...

no really... I want to blast this through the house with the sub shaking the floor boards and dancing my ass off... .... ... ... somebody wanna point me at an high bit rate MP3 of this?
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Lj Birthday Baby...

Happy Birthday dang_it

I met this girl when she was busy living up to the goal of being a stand up good friend to ladyfire.

I hope you have a wonderful year and that you get back what you give... good friends deserve good treatment!! :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Megan, Happy Birthday to you!</marqee>