January 17th, 2002



up too late again... gotta get me in the sac... haha... what a goof.

TV was a blast... except z and I kept cracking gay jokes at Enterprise... like, well, watch that show sometime but imagine all the guys are gay. There are sooooo many pauses (dramatic affect?) in the dialog ... perfect places to add your own gay men on long space missions dialog...
"I'll have the warp coils re-calibrated within the hour sir."
"Excellent Trip... " [insert] "now, quick, no ones looking,... bend over for a sec."
- or -
"Ensen? Join me in my ready room." [insert] "I thought we'd watch some gladiator movies I brought from home..."

ahh yes... tv. endless fun.

G'night Lj... see ya in the morning...


snow... seems a little snow still reduces most drivers to addle brained doofi! (that was my rendition of a plural dofus...)

oh and I kinda won the bus lottery today... do you know what a bus lottery is?

Speaking of bus's... this one is crawling ... just crawling along the commute. I'm going to be soooo late for work today.

~ gray ftls... (nothing compares to snug, new boxers)
~ dk gray / blue dress pants,
~ dk blue long sleeve p-z
~ still doing the little shot of DG after I shave...
~ to submit an expense report (it's been three months)
~ hmm... maybe watching temptation island 2 tonight... Z is into it and I kinda get hooked when the losers start losing...
~ somewhere out on the southern Atlantic is a ship with nbbmom and petermarcus kicking back on a well deserved vacation... but it's more than half over. I'm just imagining how wonderful their trip has been and wishing them all the best as their trip wraps up. Geez, i'll bet she misses her lil'nick. I can't recall if she's been away from him like this before.
~ are you reading this? (no, not you... this has to do with that "lottery" comment) I wanted to tell you how nice you looked but I have to be more careful than that... don't I - peeps today are basically one compliment away from being labeled a psychopath....) I hope you have a nice day... and put those mittens on for the ride home. :D
~ I hope krizsa managed to listen to herself and get some sleep last night... the little "note to self" thing was so cute...

Ok... I got this thing... this thing going on. Kind of an itch that needs scratch'en. Can't really talk about it here... maybe in another post. bottom line though... there are some small pleasures in life... and when you find 'em at just the right time... wow.

Oh, and on another note... I was given a link to an on-line South African newspaper yesterday. I'm going to make a real effort to absorb it on a regular basis.

Lj Birthday Baby....

Happy Birthday arlyn

I will never run out of good karma for this woman. A very very long time friend in journal land, she has won my heart with her kindness and support. I am certain that "it all comes back to you" and if there is any truth to that... you are going to have a great year... with so much to get back. Have a wonderful year and don't forget to update your bio... now that your? 27?

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthdaty to you... Happy Birthay dear Klara, Happy Birthday to you!</marqee>

careful, the excitement never actually stops!

So theres this thing I've been doing... (this is going to sound really anal) but we have ceramic tiles in the bath/shower stall in the "en suite" bathroom. The tiles are black with speckles... maybe 6 x 4 in. Over time they get a serious scum on ... I'm thinking you know what I mean... and it's a right royal pain in the slap-target to get ‘em clean.

So like four months ago, I made a pact to keep 'em clean. So every single shower (no exceptions) before I finish, I grab this scrub brush and squeeze a bit of Vim (or whatever we bought last time) and wash a row of tiles... just one row... takes les than a minute to do... but baybeeee... lemmi tell ya! ... you can use those tiles like a mirror. (go me) :D

Head Knobs & 'Shroom Bits...

Look, if I had a 1/2 inch growth sticking out of my face that wasn't my nose I'd be saving my nickles to have that wanna-be-goiter shaved the hell off. No, I wouldn't pierce it and hang a ring on it... and I don't give a rats' patooty if you wanna call it a beauty mark. Cidy Crawford unwittingly set the max limit on what gets to be called a beauty mark... go beyond that and it's a head knob...

k.. I'll shuddup now.


Basically I'm having a crack fit... (no, this has nothing to do with people backing into me on the elevator...) I haven't had anyu choco covered espresso beans in FOREVER... and there's a bucket of fresh delicious crack in my regular office ... so I'm definately going to have to go there first thing tomorrow... and stock up.

Things are going freak'en great here on this contract. Got some super feedback a few minutes ago so now I'm all puffed up!! :D

I have been so revved up lately... I can barely contain myself. I gotta split soon... dinner at my folks house (no dishes to clean up ...yehaa) and if I'm lucky I'll remember to tape Friends tonight. :D

Peace out ...

ps. What's that lizvang?? pardon? you want some of this? k'mere...I'll slap that left one first the flip ya the bird. NOW sit down and be still.
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