January 16th, 2002



Just say'en hi.


had a nice night... crummy hockey game but good client relations... don't think I'll get heart burn... I did not over indulge!! (go me)

a little lj poking and tweaking...
a little server poking and tweaking...
then a whole bunch of sleep.



woke up at 7:42... um, supposed to be up at 6:15.
Do you know what your "uvula" is? I do... I have this problem sometimes where it gets swollen, possibly due to an irritation from sleeping in some messed up position with a stuffed up nose... um, snoring with your mouth open? Ok, this is getting yuk so I'll stop. Point is, it's swollen, I feel like shit and it'll take all morning to settle down... can't eat and swallowing is a problem. (go me!)

~ gray ftl's...
~ very dk green (maybe trecal*) jeans... well, they're like jeans but they have this "brushed" feel to them... pass your hand along them in one direction and they sorta catch the light dif like corduroy except, well, they're not corduroy.
- light blue mock, mock, mock neck long sleeve
~ ginormous d/k blue&white sweater... the one with the sleeves out to here... (gesture)
~ ok, don't gimmi a hard time about the colour coordination... the pants are almost black and I woke up too late to argue with my closet.
~ tonight is a big tv night for me... both The West Wing and Enterprise are new tonight... and, btw, the commercial for Enterprise looks like it will be a cool epi.
~ had a major presentation assigned for this coming monday... a monitoring / batch scheduling solution for tru64 clusters... there'll be some planning for that in my day.
~ hmm... think I might go visit some friends at my old gov office for lunch.
~ well, for starters... that my freakin uvula wasn't swollen...
~ to send out a shout-out to a new friend,... Hi celstar59

Um... any microsoft geeks out there... If I upgrade a motherboard and cpu do I necessarily have to reinstall Win2kPro?

K... later...


cool beans

I have "cool beans" (the statement) in my head... it keeps popping out... I see something neeto and I mumble "cool beans"... where the fucking hell did that come from? what planet did I wake up on... shhesh...

oh and I said "trecal" or however you spell that in my journal this morning... I have never before in my life put that word to text... kind of a milestone on the road to dying of old age don't ya think?

a few things..

First: ogle. I'm listening to Nikki's radio show (in several segments)... Ok, for one... I love her voice. She has a little twang going on there... but any ways... a moment ago she mentioned that the guys (on the show) were busy "ogling" a picture of Brat-ney Spears... and she (as has several people lately) said "augle" --> working on a phonetic thing here... awe-gle versus what I have been saying all my life... oooogle... like ew-gle. So, that's like five occurances of the word being pronounced as "awe-gle"...

Second: I was just doing my lunch... the plan? go out and get a bowl of soup and a tea. the result? come back with a bowl of curri noodles and chicken balls (which prol'y doesn't include much chicken) "can you put some of the brown sauce on that? (garlic)" and a bottle of water.
--YUM-- oh, and I have a box of Vegitable Thins (crackers) in my drawer... if I eat a bunch of those does that count as vegitables?

Third: talk about yer toe!!!... it's like a pandemic here... the leather or leather-ette pants... These can look just freak'en great on a 40 year old woman... and in other cases... a little bit less so - grok that? the "a little bit less so" part was SARCASM and UNDERSTATEMENT!!!

Fourth: Government Office Building Crack Dealers... women that sorta back into you on the elevator. Please refer to "Third" above to lend a little colour to that image.

k... gotta get back to work.

ps. wow... ok, I just ran (*as I ALWAYS do) the spell checker on this one... and besides Nikki's name, it didn't stop once... that is a first.
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umm.... yea... but...

Cherokee Board.

I'm working for a client that is associated with North American aboriginal status "peoples"... when some fucks up using their computer and needs support... it's described as a Cherokee Board problem...

(please have a sense of humour about this... it is, of course, a take off on the problem existing between the "Chair and the Keyboard" translation ... the user fucked up.

and today is a wrap...

besides actually working today... the day was highlited with listening to and laughing with wolfiegirl's radio show from the other night... I soo look forward to those posts... I thought I was going to freaken shit my pants when the girl on the phone puts her pyscho boi friend's message on her cell phone and he's swearing his head off... god...

Now it's time to rush to a bus with the evening of good tv and peace ahead. Now if I could just do something about this rivet driver...

Oh, and I'm about to call Qwyn... :D

I absolutely LOVE talking to lj peeps, if only for a moment ... just to hear your voices... I'll have to reinvigorate that whole "talk sender" thing again... (www.talksender.com)

Later skaters...
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Like a railroad train now...
Come on baby... do the locomotion
You gotta swing your hips now....
Jump up...
Jump back...

(feh... been stuck in my head for hours... I thought I'd Cher!)
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I'm killing time (cam on) while West Wing tapes... :D

I've been going a zillion miles an hour since the moment I stepped through the door (home from work) and I'm finally *gasp* stopping...


all that's left on the list is the odd "go to sleep!" said out the office door to a grinning little goober that sneaks out of bed. :D