January 10th, 2002



Ok... night lj...

just wanted to send a hopefull wish out to my very long long time Lj friend bair and say that I hope your dad is going to be ok...


tomorrow is the big Survivor 3 night... what a great run this series has been... I really enjoyed it. I don't even care who wins frankly... judging by all the other reality shows... i'd worry that Lex will win, purely because he's the last person I'd like to see win. Regardless ... it's been a blast.

Here is the whole series in review...

S3 Update 1
S3 Update 2
S3 Update 3
S3 Update 4
S3 Update 5
S3 Update 6
S3 Update 7
S3 Update 8
S3 Update 9
S3 Update 10
S3 Update 11
S3 Update 12
S3 Update 13
S3 Update 14


g'night Lj...

Morning Lj.

yea yea... I know... so? (wanna fight about it?)

and ...


Does adrienned have the greatest voice in the universe or what? holy shit!

~ black ftl's
~ dk gray/blue cuffed dress pants...
~ a gray T under a p-z dk blue long sleeve thing...
~ well, to watch survivor tonight... 'course.
~ to re-install redhat again tonight (new server)... thanks to some more good advice from my buddy luker...
~ I had a magic wand... if I did, I be waving it around to invoke all the powers of the gods and godesses, etc. to load up the karma bombs for distribution to some friends;
bair, I hope daddy's ok...
ladyfire, wishing that the new opportunity pans out great
jaggedpill, I'm so jonesing for you to kick that corp. butt cheek...
galebird, gotta get a karma blast to handle all that stress... (psst... spelled it right!!)
serraph should never feel bad about deciding to give in a little, life needs to be easier sometimes.
alma_perdita... I'm just say'en... I'm really glad we're friends.
objectofdesire... a girl who has strengths that most people can't even dream about...
misspriss ... just buckets of karma ... buckets.
... and one other, nameless, who knows my heart is pumping with good vibes for her, her man, and her comfort... life is too short to not take control when you can.

Hey... a quick shout out to a couple of new friends;
Hi damny, I'm glad we found each other...
and a special YO! to misspriss who I have been kinda wishing to be friends with for the longest time... and then I look and see that little red arrow (yea!).

k, work time... l8er sk8ers...


Do you get Lowney chocolate bars where you are? They're made by Hershey.... specifically, the "Caravan" bar... oh yum....

that's all... nothing important... just a choc thing... :D


I was just reminded elsewhere... but a couple of days ago Ed (my 3 about to turn 4 year old) out of the blue replies to something we're listing for him (maybe the dinner menu) with...


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holy jezzus kerrrriste

Check the song title... this is the third time this song has snuck up on me in the last six months... I remember this song from being a 20 year old club boi... um.. 20 years ago... (fuck)

my feet are bouncing around under the desk... :D
(grinning silly from ear to ear);
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Hotmail must have changed policies...
"your account size is #### and has been disabled. Please reduce the amount of saved messages and your account will be reactivated sometime in the next 24 hours"