January 4th, 2002



Ok ok... I've seen peeps talk about it before but I usually ignored it... just being cautious of new versions etc... but BUT I just grabbed the new beta of the windows based Lj client (from here) and if freak'en cooks...

It's the little things...
~ the click to make links open a new window... never having to back up and typ target="_blank" again!!! (something I always tried to do...)
~ good screen layout... and better friend management interface...
~ click to "view" friends pages via your filter sets...

I really like it...

EDIT: I'm refering to "semma's" client.


k... I get this horrific smell passing by every now and again... it's driving me nuts... and yes, I've checked... it's not me...

I hope something isn't hiding behind my desk... 'course I have kids... so you never know...


Somebody k'mere and warm me up!

Damn... there's this crack in the seal around the window beside me on this packed bus and the right side of my head, neck, etc. is getting frigg'en frostbite! No, seriously, it's killa cold out today. I've been having the strangest dreams lately... airplanes, sky diving, airports, eak... this morning I very clearly dreamt that I was walking through the Toronto airport and ran into lizvang. She was wearing black pants, and a black cable knit sweater with bright red trim - if that matters... Her hair was straight to her shoulders, wearing her glasses... I grabbed her, she recognized me and I recall pulling her towards one of those hardly-private phone enclosure things... not quite a phone booth. Then my alarm went off... um, I just re-read that... we were happy to see each other... lol, it's not like I was kidnapping her... :D

~ jeans jeans jeans... new client yea, but it's still friday!
~ blue jeans, a 3WV t-shirt, and a company denim shirt.
~ on writing up the second to last S3 update...
~ going to LOTR (second time) with a buddy tonight...
~ going to my companies Christmas Staff Party tomorrow night... I know I know, they had it sched'd for Dec 7 but changed it because the CEO of the company wanted to come and this was the only available date... goofy huh. It's at "Le Casino De Hull" Our Christmas Party is in a casino. Go us.
~ well, first and foremost, that I wasn't so cold (I wanna slip my hands into the gorgeous hair of the girl sitting in front of me and hold her neck... I bet it's warm... I bet I'd spend the weekend in jail too... go figure).
~ that more of my friends would post pictures of themselves... I love seeing you guys... If you don't have a place to host a picture... let me know, I can host it for you...

So, no corto werk-cam today... maybe next week. I didn't get the one thing I asked for at christmas... (a second cam to leave at work) but I may just end up getting one... we'll see... I dunno. While I'm on this contract I'll have to play a wait and see game... I'm going to use a lap-top after all (the desktop pc they provided me is a slow, old machine...) I could prol'y get away with it on my own laptop... but that's for another day.

Ok... off to start the S3 update... talk to you later.

ps. I bet carrie is having a ball in the snow. :D Maybe I'll mail her a pair of mittens.
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Ok... just got back... sorry about that... sheeesh!

careful my head might explode... BOOOOOOM!

oops... too late... somebody hand me a kleenex.

I made a mistake... I am sorry. forgive me ok?

Survivor 3 Update!

Survivor III : Update

The "Let's Hate Lex" Episode

Note: I added something (an edit) to this...

Wherein we get to watch Lex, the skinny, whiny, slimy character that he is, win win win... Like we're not all sick and tired of his lucky ass. I bet he has a horseshoe tattooed on his butt. There's tears, there’s elephant poop, there's a big goofy plug for the "good folks at CBS" via a med-supply delivery to a kenyan hospital and there's Thong Nana looking a whole lot like she just may have died a couple of days ago and like Kieth Richards, just forgot to lay down...

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I got yer zit... well, it's not on the tip o'me nose, but beside my nose... eeegods it's ouchi... At least I don't have to worry about hurting it by picking my cheek...