December 30th, 2001



~ could be praying at the hand-held-heathen alter of the coffee gods...
~ could be really cold and hands need warming...

~ well d'uh...
~ to take Z's computer apart to dig her pci nic out and replace with an ISA nic...
~ to put a freaking pci nic in the new server, frustrated once again at failing to get RedHat to talk to an ISA nic. :D
~ to do a lot of hiding...
~ I was in another country for the next few days....
~ (and this one will come true!!) to find time to make some very important Lj birthday entries... I wanna, needta, be creative for one of them....

ps. grrrrr means frustrated to the point of rediculous exhaustion...

pps... Moulon Rouge (spelling?) is a fan-fucking-tastic movie. holy crap. yea, I know, but I love musicals and I loved the song crafting going on for that movie... and that narcoleptic, crazed Argentinian belting out "Roxanne" was just amazing! (um, I wanted to swear again there, btw... sort'of a "... was fucking awsome" but I just swore a second ago so I figured that'd be too much...)

ppps. Gina gina gina gina... are your toes on fire? can you remain seated? have you shaved recently? Kelli is like hours away from you ... you must be having trouble breathing ... visa-vi the excitement that is... :D Happy day to you guys... :D

geek stuff

well that was a bust...
~ z's pc only has one legacy slot (ISA) and that has an slightly older SB Live card in it.
~ so, I try my own station... older pc to start with (P2-400) and it has a few ISA... remove the PCI smc nic and put in the 3com ISA nic... and the nic is dead... lovely.

So after screwing around with disconnecting, reconnecting, opening, closing, booting, configuring and generally messing around... where am I? same place I started... I need to go pick up a pci nic.


Lj Birthday Baby

Happy Birthday Shan-Shazam!!

For your birthday, I would just love to....

(please click here first!) (then please click here)

A S S !

Little Miss Venus has been an unfailing source of reassurance and kind consideration in my life in journal land... after meeting her in the silly (but fun) xxxmas super-thread post in lianna's journal last christmas... That means that I've known her for a year... Funny that... it feels like I've know her for much longer.

My wish for your birthday is really very simple; May this next year bring to your life the chances - you so richly deserve - to build honest and valuable friendships, live with the love (Mat!!) you have built with so much care and find the all the pleasures that life has to offer, especially to someone as sweet and delicious as you... (yes, guilty me, thinks of Shan as a special kind of candy sometimes...can you blame me!!???)

Oh, and one more wish... - hehe - that you are seriously Debby-less in your life!!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Shan (who looks so amazingly killa in a thong - Happy Birthday to you!

Just for the record

Any recently mentioned debby's in my journal (like in the last post) were most definately not debby who is, by far and away, a wonderful young woman - quite well adjusted and not in need of any sort of restraints outside of something that many describe as fun in a bedroom between consenting adults!!!!

Other debby's... those actually refered to are altogether otherwise!

more lj birthday babies

Happy Birthday Rini!!

It's rini's birthday today!!

(sure been a lot of birthdays lately... The Ides of March must be a hulluva party for folks).

Ok, back to the birthday girl....

Happy B-day Rini... You have been a good and considerate friend in Lj and from your words it is a easy bet that you would be a good woman to know and love in the real world. :D

Wil's a lucky boy (sorry, can't get the Big Brother 2 "Will" out of my mind here!!) and you? you're a birthday girl.

May this year bring you remarkably closer to recognizing the path that will lead you to the best days of your life, the best years of your living and the very best fortunes in the offing! You deserve it all Rini, and I hope you find it.


Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Rini, Happy Birthday to you...