December 28th, 2001


wholy crap!

Ignore Lj for one day... ONE DAY... and there are like 300 posts to catch up on! jeezus murphy how the heck... never mind... where there's a will there's a way...

oh, and the movie blew me away... I will be going again in a few days with a high school chum ... read: my best rw buddy... we go way back to the early days of the first time I read the LOTR books. Man the movie was so exciting... so much action so much information... wowzers. Scared the crap out of my mom a couple of times... and Z (who has not read the books) loved the movie huge.

Any ways... It's late late late and I must sleep... I'm up with the boiz tomorrow... hmmm need to write a S3 update soon... :D

and me-thinks-I-missed-another-birthday!!! I'll have to make that up tomorrow. :D

G'night all... :D


Sorry about the scary bed-head...

~ ma new redish fleece warm cumfy top (christmas prezzi).
~ still in sweats... long morning with kids...
~ gotta get some fresh air today... maybe take the kids to a tabogan hill...
~ to write a S3 update!!!
~ to scan in the kids "school pictures" for "show your kids day" in the mommymilitia community. :D
~ I didn't get so freakishly angry when Edward does his typical terrible 3 year old stuff.... I mean I don't hit anybody or hurt anything but I get really mad (he's all about wrecking things lately... this morning it was a game Geo and I were playing... coffee spilled on the rug, the game flew across the rooom... big mess... why? Ed decided to dive on the game...) I think I need to rant on that topic a bit and get it out of my system.

My nose is doing that stingy post-nasal-drip thing again... yuk. I'm somewhere in this cold but I don't know where... I do know that I have to be better before Jan 3 (new contract starts then...)

I'm feeling pretty intrepid about the new contract... i'll be on a client site day in - day out for a month and a half... there is no way I will be able to keep up with Lj... (poooooh)

oh, and I returned the Radeon 7200 video card I got earlier this month... the 3d feature set on the card would just not work... crashed computer every time... and I did serious trouble shooting with the vendor and game companies... no dice. So now I have an ASUS GeForce 2 (V7100 pro) 64 megs o'ram on the card (and cute little cooling fan right on the video card). We'll see how this one works out.

Ok... time to shower and scan some pictures.

Late!!!! Lj Birthday Baby...

Happy Birthday summerspirit

I know I know... late as usual. :D

A Canadian girl from Toronto and just a wee bit older as of yesterday... You have always had the very nicest, supportive and considerate things to say when we talk in journal land. You are a wonderful woman. And I'm not saying a word about the various pictures you've posted.

I read a little ouchi on christmas day from you that made me wanna just scoop you up and hold on tight tight tight.!!!

I hope and pray that this next year brings you chances to live out your dreams... at least the fun ones! I hope you spend time sweating gently while banging your head against the top of your bed and that you find the time to post more pictures of your adorable smiling face.

Peace out Summer... be well and feel loved. I am lucky to count you as a friend.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Summer... Happy Birthday to you!

Survivor 3 Update!

Survivor III : Update

The VISA Episode

Wherein almost everybody bawls their eyes out, an old goat farmer gets hammered and put to bed by a painted boi, and guess what? The bush accepts visa!

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Holy geez...

Ok, so I went to the mail box today... we have to use these community mail box things... no home delivery for us... and what did I find?

New christmas cards from:

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart... they are wonderful...


Let me take a second to TOTALLY RANT ABOUT the package that arrived from Australia... a land bathed in summer right about now... Thank you Pam... it is fantastic.
It included treats for the kids, a souvenir package of Vegemite (made by Kraft no less), a package of BlackCurrent chewy Lifesavers (WOW are they ever delicious).
And *and* two of these...:

They are either place mats or dish towels... but I'm putting them up on the walls in the kids rooms regardless... they are beautiful.
Thank you Pam ... I am speechless... a remarkable lift in my day.