December 27th, 2001


g'night lj

I'm a tired boi and the last two days have been exceptionally taxing.
All is well in casa-di-corto... Tomorrow is a "stand in line to return stuff" day... and hopefully I'll be coughing less and can therefore entertain the notion of going to LOTR!!!! I'm going mental wanting to see this movie.


Peace and thanks for the fun feedback from my friends tonight. You guys are the best!

ps. Z has sectional sofa's on her monitor right now... seems like furnature shopping in the offing soon... (yuk, blech, and ick!)

sleep tight...
let somebody bite ya!

(no subject)

~ d'uh... the orange stripe shirt.
~ jeans...
~ black ftls
~ ikea (return a lamp ... replace a lamp actually)
~ wallyland (return a Nintendo Game Cube and accessories....)
~ lunch with the boiz somewhere... prol'y Micky D's
~ Tape and watch Survivor tonight...
~ maybe... just maybe see LOTR tonight.
~ I could explain something kinda silly.... one of my friends sent me a "sweet dreams" note last night. It totally washes me with warm fuzzies when I get those. (me = beaming) thanks!!!

Ok... George wants to play Buzz Lightyear Star Command right now or he's gonna lose it so ah gotta go!


LOTR tonight...

My bro is coming over with his girlfriend... 'cause his wife is taking care of the kids... (hahaha... sorry, obviously... much longer story there) to watch Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on the HT system, and my mommy... a long time LOTR fan is coming to the movies with Z and I...

later skaters.

recent convo

"Ok... so lets all please note: real snakes and frogs do not - I REPEAT DO NOT - make good balloons!"

(yup... our DVD of Shrek arrived...)