December 26th, 2001



g'morning... My head is kinda pounding away with a sinus thing... but I am actually feeling somewhat better. I didn't take any cold meds last night or this morning - I'm desperate to get my brain back, and cold meds renders one somewhat brain-free...

~ the comfort clothes...
~ to find a couch and rest...
(stayed up super late last night... had fun, played "Payday" (new for us at christmas) with Z and goofed around till the wee hours.)
~ to send out a special merry christmas to Kristy... who's prol'y at her mom's house and won't see this. But I'm thinking about her, Zak and Zak's new dog!!! having a rip of a time playing around a christmas tree.
~ and another quick merry ho ho to Amy (jaggedpill) ... just cause I kinda miss her and want to remind her that she's in my thoughts.

Lj Birthday Babies...

Happy Birthday Norm (thetech)

A grand vasier from Toronto... a hop skip and a jump away from me... Norm is blessed with the gift of "lakme" (well, at least he can go visit her at starbucks!!)

I met Norm through a power yahoo vid/mic enabled chat party with Lj friends... kinda neat when you get down to it... meeting via Lj and knowing what someone looks and sounds like right off the bat! :D

I hope this year brings you all the pleasures of good friends and great health that you can handle!!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday dear Norm... Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday evil

A long time friend from Lj ... a guy a met via a killer super girl (paperdoil).... This guy has been on my friends list for over a year and half!! wow.

I hope you have a great year and that the distances between you and the girl that owns your heart get shorter!!!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday unfairly named EVIL (nothing evil about him!!)... Happy Birthday to you!!

News Flash!

Man cannot subsist on coffee alone!

(now, where did I put that crack?)

ps. news flash number 2. We didn't get anywhere near Z's family yesterday - we normally have a day filled with rushing "hither and yon"* but decided to can it this year... so now? we have 15 people coming over in 3 hours. Time to clean.

*yeha! I got to say "hither and yon"!!! ( I promise not to do that often, but hehe... try it...)