December 20th, 2001



So this is what I would have posted this morning...

Five days till Christmas... my my how time slips away. I've pretty well done my shopping except for a few things I've sort'a left to the last minute on purpose... truth be told, it makes for a great excuse to get out of the house and into a crowded shopping center. As far back as I can remember, I have loved being in big crowds... people change in that setting... the human "pack" mentality is wonderful to observe.

The woman at work that worked on the account that just resulted in the big contract - the sales rep that used to be my boss - has really done so much to help me and my team over the last few months... so I bought her a christmas prezzi. She's not a vegetarian but she definitely does not eat anything unhealthy... she's all about salads and vegi snacks, etc. So I have a box with me - all wrapped up - with a bottle of classy "balsamic" vinegar nestled between 18 carrots... actual carrots but I'm hoping to point out the idea that she is golden to me... :D

~ dk blue cotton cargos... Velcro and pockets everywhere...
~ dk blue t-shirt that no one will see because I'm wearing the
~ big dk blue turtleneck.
~ a freakishly busy day...
~ moments after getting to the office I have to take off to the south/east end of town to oversee the setup of the hardware at a client site (the hardware from that last contract I was working on)
~ after that I have to go to Hull (city across the ottawa river in Quebec) to see a man about a horse... well, it's a girl actually and there is no horse... cryptic eh?
~ Lunch date at 12:00 close to the office...
~ presentation at a fed department at 1:30
~ important coffee meeting at 3:30.... :D
~ get paperwork started for the new contract... which, btw, starts on Jan 2nd. So I've had to cancel my vacation scheduled for that week. um..keeping my job is a wee bit more important than that holiday.
~ for pictures... but more on that later!!
~ that I didn't have Don McLean "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" playing in my head after hearing that my most favoured radio diva will be off streaming service in the new year. I'm just going to have to go to Virgina soon.

ps. I feel ok... I woke up with an evil ouchi in my throat but I drank about a litre of "fresh" (from concentrate) orange juice .... and I've been taking something called Euthanasia (~ grin) faithfully.

Later skaters.

major edit: Spent the whole fucking day at the first place I went (client site) banging my head against an application... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

hahaha ... glad Lj is working.


So I finally fixed my server... HAHAHAHAHa... "I" thats a laugh... The incomprible luker fixed my server... the piece'o'crap pppoe installation that my dsl provider supplied was the heart of the slow service issues... an updated RPM into redhat and she's a blazing!!! (yea!)

(like ya care... )

Ok, off to watch survivor....